Supporting Educators
in Preparation for the Fall
The MiMTSS Technical Assistance Center is pleased to announce a series of four webinars to provide educators strategies and practices to promote a successful start of the school year.

We encourage team participation to support application in your setting. Each webinar will feature a guest national speaker and local state speakers.

Connections across the four topics will be provided in each webinar. Participants will also receive follow-up resources to support implementation.

Topics will focus on:
  • Promoting a positive and effective school climate
  • Addressing social emotional needs
  • Using high leverage instructional practices
  • Building relationships with families

Event Details

Wednesday, 7/22/20
Thursday, 7/30/20
Thursday, 8/6/20
Wednesday, 8/12/20

All webinars will occur via Zoom from 1:00 - 3:00 EST.
Registration Details

It is necessary to register for each webinar individually.

Registration deadline is two weeks prior to each event date.

Free to participate.
Effective Environments
July 22, 2020
Guest Presenter Dr. Brandi Simonsen
This session will prepare attendees to take their established PBIS components and adapt them to support and ensure access for students, families, and staff in this new normal. In light of ensuring that all students are returning to environments that are safe, predictable, welcoming, positive, and responsive, an overview of Universal supports (Tier 1) for PBIS will be provided. Participants will receive recommendations on how to improve existing components like Identifying, Teaching, and Providing Specific Feedback on Behavioral Expectations to support students academically, emotionally, and behaviorally.
Zoom link will be provided after registration is complete.
Back to School, Back to Basics:
Meeting the Social Emotional Needs for ALL
July 30, 2020
Guest Presenter Susan Barrett
Building a resilient community will require adjusting our current way of work with a focus on social emotional behavioral supports for students, families and staff using systems and structures that are familiar. Join us to start organizing a path forward using the PBIS/MTSS core components. Focus areas will include, teams using data to uncover need, designing a safe, predictable, nurturing environment and strengthening relationships and connections.   
Zoom link will be provided after registration is complete.
High Leverage Instructional Practices
August 6, 2020
Guest Presenter Dr. Anita Archer
Student learning is directly related to effective teaching. As we approach a new school year, the moral imperative of educators is to ensure that ALL students learn at the highest level possible whether they are taught in a classroom or online. In this webinar, we will review three high leverage research-validated, instructional practices in which teachers across grade levels provide: 
  1. Bell-to-bell systematic, structured, explicit instruction
  2. Many opportunities to respond
  3. Deliberate practice, retrieval practice, and spaced practice
Zoom link will be provided after registration is complete.
Relationships Are the Cornerstone
of Family Engagement 
August 12, 2020
Guest Presenter Dr. Sarah Sayko
Meaningful family engagement is a collaborative process between families, educators, providers, and partners to support and improve the learning, development, and health of every learner. Given our current learning environment, bridging home and school relationships has become especially important. This session will focus on best practices for educators in cultivating relationships with families through improved communication, bridging cultural proficiency, and connecting in home settings. Discussion will include how these strategies can be universally applied using PBIS methodology and lead to improved academic achievement and social emotional outcomes while promoting engagement in learning environments.
Zoom link will be provided after registration is complete.
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Michigan’s MTSS Technical Assistance Center is funded by the Michigan Department of Education 
 and the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Special Education Programs.
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