Supporting Employee Growth and Development
Support from the workplace can help increase an employee's feelings of competence, and therefore their level of interest in their work. Employees who feel valued and supported perform better at work, and go beyond their required duties.

How do you support employee growth and development at your company? Are you still conducting the traditional annual performance review?

We are here to help you support your employees with a platform to promote continuous performance management! ABM Franchising Group's GPS (Grow. Perform. Succeed!) tools and resources provide  Linc Service and TEGG franchises  with a simple way to drive ongoing discussions that assist with:

  • Fueling employee performance
  • Fostering employee career growth and well-being
  • Driving continuous employee growth and development

The GPS process provides managers with a roadmap to have engaging conversations with their employees. The GPS model will navigate you though how to discuss employees’ learnings over the year, key accomplishments around performance and development goals, and how to plan for the next measurement cycle.

Our GPS resources can guide you to start having more open and honest conversations that help support a journey to  higher performance and career growth

To learn more about the GPS process, start by reviewing our training video. The training video and additional resources can be found under the HR and Recruiting section of the Linc Service Portal or TEGGNet .