June 9, 2020
Supporting Equality,
Today and Everyday
Dear friends,
Our hearts are breaking, and we’re sure yours are too, as we watch our nation unfold into violence over the most basic of human rights – equality. The deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and far too many others remind us of the deep pain and anger that exists across our nation. All while COVID-19 disproportionately devastates Native American, Black, and Latino communities, throwing racial disparities into stark relief. Now more than ever, we need to come together to end racism and social injustice.
This issue is complex and systemic, and we realize there are vast strides to be made. The Community Foundation has long been dedicated to a thriving Mendocino County, which means supporting all members of our communities and using an equity framework to understand their historical and social barriers. For a quarter century we have committed to supporting issues of food security, high-quality schools and fair access to higher education, diverse youth programs, mental health support, workforce development, fair wages, and more to the vulnerable and under-resourced members of our communities. These programs and services are the essential building blocks of social justice. Our ability to support these critical resources is made possible by our passionate donors and dedicated local non-profit network.
We envision a healthier future for our communities, and that is built on the work we do today to provide the resources that all people and communities need to thrive. We are grateful to the donors that believe in supporting this work. By understanding these disparities and collaborating on solutions, we can provide the critical financial support necessary to serve those striving for equality. We will continue to support the organizations that protect the vulnerable, educate our youth, and amplify a diversity of voices. And we thank you for standing with us as we continue to push for a healthy and harmonious Mendocino County.
We continue to listen, and learn from those that push us towards a brighter future, and we are grateful today and every day for the generation that will lead us there.
Be safe. Be well.
The Community Foundation of Mendocino County
Megan Barber Allende, CEO
Carolyn Welch, Controller
Allison Findley, Program Officer
Amy Lutz, Grants Administrator
Michelle Rich, Special Projects Manager
Neil DiBernardo, Administrative Manager  
Rose Bell, Project Manager for Mendocino-ROC
and Communications Manager

The Community Foundation of Mendocino County
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