Shining a Light on Literacy
Supporting Literacy Learning at Home
As many places in the US and around the world are closing schools and people are staying home to combat the novel coronavirus, here are some resources and activities to share with families in your schools and districts.
Check out this information sheet that you can share with parents about Dialogic-Reading.
The National Center on Improving Literacy has a toolkit on how to support a child's literacy development at home. There are sections for preschool, elementary, and adolescents.
The Kid Zone!
The Kid Zone! was developed by the National Center on Improving Literacy and can help reinforce children’s grade level literacy skills through the online books and games offered on the site
In response to support learning at home, Scholastic has recently launched and open-access "Learn at Home" website that has daily lessons for students from Pre-kindergarten and elementary school children.
Martha Speaks True Stories
This site is designed for early elementary Kindergarten to 4th grade.

Find books and vocabulary games available on the website!
Project Elite
Project Elite’s shared book reading materials for the home.
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