Dear Tikvat Israel Neighbors and Friends, 

Marc and I have been overwhelmed with the way in which this community has warmly welcomed our family into the community over the past 8 months. And we can’t thank you enough. This is an incredible group of people who care deeply about one another and it shows in so many ways. 

We all now find ourselves in this uncertain time and although we may not see one another in person over the coming weeks, I want to propose another way to come together. 
None of us knows the full impact of Coronavirus for our community. But with schools closed, workplaces working remotely, and shul services cancelled we already see the potential for people to feel isolated. This could become worse if we find ourselves--or some of us--quarantined in our homes and/or apartments. 

We want to make sure all of us have a support systems in place. Some people already have local families and friends who can help us in a time of need. However, we want to make sure everyone has such a support networks in place should you need assistance. 

I'd like to invite all of you to participate in a “hyper-local’ support network for Tikvat Israel. This network could help with the following things:

--Sharing supplies if there are shortages (i.e., painkillers, cleaning products)
-Bringing pre-cooked meals for families in which all or the main caregivers are sick.
-Checking in (possibly remotely) on elderly residents or those who are in high-risk groups and do not live with a caregiver
-Assisting with minor DIY tasks if it becomes impossible to get help
-Assisting with teaching young people while schools are closed

--Assisting with caregiving for small children should caregivers not be available for parents' support

In order to gauge interest in this idea and help build this network, I'd be grateful if you could email me at, and share the following information:

1. Your name & address
2. Who lives with you in your house?
3. Are you interested in joining this network?
And If you are interested, what is your contact number?
4. Do you use WhatsApp and would a WhatsApp group be a good way to build this network? If not WhatsApp, which means of communication would you prefer?
5. In what ways can you volunteer to make this effort work?

Hope that we can use this opportunity to further strengthen our community together.

Shabbat Shalom
Abbey Frank
(For those who don’t know, I’m Rabbi Israel’s wife)

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