Support Greater Richmond SCAN during the
Dominion Energy
Charity Classic
Birdies for Charity program

The Dominion Energy Charity Classic Birdies for Charity program enables Richmond-area charities to use the Dominion Energy Charity Classic tournament as a fundraising platform.

The program gives SCAN an opportunity to generate contributions through flat donations or based on the number of "birdies" made by PGA TOUR Champions players during the tournament.

  • "Par" is the normal expected score on any given hole on the golf course.
  • A "birdie" is a score of one stroke better than "par" for any golf hole. For example, on a par-4 hole, a score of 3 is a birdie.
There are two types of pledges:
  • A per-birdie amount for every birdie made by the PGA TOUR Champions professionals during the Dominion Energy Charity Classic, with an option to cap at a certain amount
  • A one-time flat donation, with a minimum flat donation of $25.
  • Visit
  • Select 'one-time fixed donation' OR 'score-based donation' (per birdie)
  • Choose Greater Richmond SCAN from the drop-down list of participating charities. *Should already be chosen for you!
  • Fill out the billing information form. One-time flat donations will be processed immediately, and per-birdie donations will be processed after the tournament when the number of birdies made during competition rounds is determined.
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works to serve ALL parents and families through parent education, treatment, support groups and workshops, weekly children's groups, assessments and referrals, case management, and individual parent education. The goal is to increase protective factors and reduce risk factors to create safe, stable homes for children.  
In an effort to keep all children and families safe, SCAN runs many specialized groups for parents, in addition to our eight 20-week groups for families who have experienced, or are at high risk of experiencing, child abuse or neglect.
These include groups for:
*  Parents that are Spanish speaking
*  Parents that have cognitive impairments or severe mental health diagnosis
*   Grandparents
*   Women who are currently incarcerated
*   Women in substance abuse treatment and recovery
*   Children in foster care
*   Parents whose children are in a Richmond City youth diversion program
Click here to learn more about the Family Support Program.
Tour the Child Advocacy Center (CAC)

We welcome you to join us for a tour at the Child Advocacy Center,
offered on the third Fridays of the month from 11:30AM -12:30PM.
See where the CAC conducts child forensic interviews, trauma-focused treatment, victim advocacy, multidisciplinary case review, and case management and tracking. The tour will also give an overview of all of SCAN's programs
Please let us know by the Wednesday before each tour date if you are interested in taking a tour or if you would like to bring someone on a tour. We may also be able to accommodate special times and date requests for tours.
Please contact Kristen Byrd at
(804) 257-7226 or for more information.

SCAN is in need of healthy snack donations
and school supplies!

Please help with a donation of snacks for the children served by SCAN through the Child Advocacy Centers (CAC) and Family Support Program Children Groups.

Snacks and school supplies can be dropped off at 103 East Grace Street, or contact us to coordinate a pick-up.
A huge thank you to our friends at 
The Pediatric Connection

for collecting backpacks and school supplies for SCAN families!

Vol. 72, August 2017 
Patsy Buelow, Richmond CASA Volunteer and SCAN Board Member  
While attending SCAN's Child Advocate's Breakfast with a former Board Member, Patsy Buelow felt immediately compelled to support SCAN's work. Soon after the breakfast, Patsy attended the annual Protector's Circle event where a CASA Volunteer spoke about her experience. At that moment, Patsy simply said "I need to do this."  
Patsy has been a Richmond CASA for just over 17 months, and it has been a rewarding experience for her.  
"Being a CASA gives a voice to those who don't have one. It's easy to overlook things that aren't directly affecting you, but if you look, there is so much you can do to make a difference," said Patsy. "My relationship with the children I am advocating for touches me directly. The work can be challenging but also so rewarding and impactful."
Patsy says the most eye-opening part of her work as a Richmond CASA is seeing the impact that childhood trauma has on the children, their families and their community.
"It has been surprising to see the scope of trauma that one child can have in their life, and what it takes to overcome it," said Patsy. "In this work, you really see the true impact of trauma from one generation to the next."
**Interested in learning more and supporting CASA?**

Join us at the 7th Annual Child Advocates Breakfast on September 29th at 7:30am. The Child Advocates Breakfast raises awareness and financial support for CASA and SCAN's other programs. The program will focus on the Richmond CASA program with insight from our volunteers and outcomes of the program.
Email Kristen Byrd for more information and to RSVP. 
SCAN is a Distribution Site for the Baby Box Program in Richmond.
 All expecting new parents are
eligible to participate!
SCAN partners with other Virginia organizations to promote safe sleep and reduce child fatalities.   
Parenting education goes hand-in-hand with Baby Box distribution to support little ones with a safe start in life., a platform from The Baby Box Co. in coordination with committed medical professionals, maternal health advocates, and child development specialists, provides expecting and new parents around the world with universal access to current educational resources and a supportive network.
Click here for more information on  
how to get your Baby Box.
Click here for the
Baby Box University Flyer.


"The child may not remember, but the body remembers."
Resilience chronicles the birth of a new movement among pediatricians, therapists, educators and communities, who are using cutting-edge brain science to disrupt cycles of violence, addiction and disease.  The film portrays a dynamic group of individuals who are proving that cycles of disease and adversity can be broken.

Resilience Public Screenings  
Libbie Mill Library
Thursday October 5, 2017

For more information and to register, please email Kristen Byrd at

Giving Through United Way

When you join a United Way campaign, you have the opportunity to choose how your contribution is spent.
You can have your gift distributed for you or you can give your gift to a specific organization.  
SCAN is eligible to receive donor designations through the United Way campaigns.  
Our campaign codes are as follows:
  • United Way Campaign: #3343 (please also list SCAN)
  • Combined Federal Campaign (CFC): #82607
  • Local Government & Schools (LGS): #166
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