Oppression gets magnified in times of crisis, so it's no wonder that COVID-19 is amplifying racism, xenophobia, and other issues.

-Kina Thorpe, Educational Program Manager
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-COVID Impact on BIPOC
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-Action Highlights: Mayday Car Rally and Lift US Sanctions
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April 28, 2020
Action Highlights
Primero de Mayo / May Day Car Rally for Essential Workers
May 1 is International Worker's Day. Join others in the Staples parking lot in Burlington (12:30pm) before taking off to make a number of stops to show solidarity with essential workers and lift up workers' demands in a time of crisis. This action will follow social distancing guidelines and take serious health precautions. Full route and more information coming soon.

Similar events are also happening that day in West Lebanon and Brattleboro .

Este primero de mayo habrá una manifestación de autos. Nos juntamos en el parking del Staples (por la salida 14W) y manejamos en caravana a diferentes paradas para mostrar solidaridad con trabajadores esenciales y apoyar a sus demandas en un tiempo de crisis. Esta acción seguirá las precauciones de salud y de distanciamento social. Pronto se publicará la ruta completa y más información.
Open Letter to the United Nations and the United States to Immediately Lift Sanctions
The global spread of COVID-19 has exposed the illegal and immoral practice of imposing unilateral coercive measures (economic sanctions) by the United States government against more than thirty nations. The government of the United States is now using the public distraction caused by the pandemic to intensify its military actions against the targeted nations.

The economic war against those nations had already resulted in unimaginable suffering of the people in the targeted nations even before the COVID-19 pandemic.

With the devastation of the global pandemic, the targeted countries — especially Venezuela, Cuba, Iran, Syria and Zimbabwe — are finding it prohibitively difficult to protect and save the lives of their citizens in the face of the ongoing global emergency. These sanctions constitute crimes against humanity.

The US Peace Council has created a petition urging the government to put an end to the sanctions.
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