Western Europe was in tatters 70 years ago. The Marshall Plan became the blueprint for a “hand up” that transformed nations, and it has lessons for our Agency’s work today. Says Administrator Green: “At USAID, we believe that if countries are willing to make the tough choices, if they're willing to do some of the difficult things, …[w]e should walk with them on their journey to self-reliance.”
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Ghana and Nepal were recognized for eliminating trachoma , a milestone reached with help from USAID. We also announced new funding for Ebola and people in Africa’s Lake Chad region , and new efforts to assist religious minority communities in Iraq .
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Meet the Georgia entrepreneur with a dream. She took a chance to assist in revitalizing her hometown. The government took a chance too with grants to boost the economic fortunes of fledgling communities. Match made!
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As much as $1 billion in new power transmission lines will link power plants Power Africa is helping build to people and industry throughout Africa, all because of a partnership between the United States and South Korea.
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