Interprofessional Collaboration Series

Supporting the Participation & Function of Homeless & Recently Housed Persons: 
Current Practice & Future Possibilities

Carrie Anne Marshall

Sylvain Roy

A Webinar Presented By: 
Carrie Anne Marshall, PhD,  OT Reg. (Ont.) 
Assistant Professor, Western University
Sylvain Roy, PhD
Neuropsychologist and  Past-President of the Ontario Psychological Association

January 23, 2018
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Registration Fees: 
$50  (+HST) for OSOT Members 
$30  (+HST)  for Student Members
$75 (+HST) for Non- Members 

In this webinar, attendees will be introduced to recent developments in the interdisciplinary literature on homelessness, the current state of occupational therapy and psychology practice in this area, and future possibilities for developing practice.

Join our presenters on  January 23rd  as they discuss:
  • A general overview of the state of homelessness in Canada
  • Health profiles of homeless persons in Canada
  • Functional and participation challenges that homeless persons face in daily life, and evidence-based strategies aimed at addressing these challenges

About our presenters:

Carrie Anne Marshall is an Occupational Therapist and Assistant Professor at Western University in London, Ontario. Her research focuses on social determinants of mental health, with a specific focus on poverty and homelessness. The role of occupational therapy in supporting homeless persons has been an important focus of her research.

Dr. Sylvain Roy, is a neuropsychologist and the Past-President of the Ontario Psychological Association. He is a mental health disability expert who's practice focuses on the assessment,  diagnosis and rehabilitation of those with neurocognitive impairment. Dr. Roy specializes in brain injury, Neurodevelopmental disorders, dementia as well as other severe and persistent mental illnesses. He is the lead clinician of CAMH's psychosocial Rehabilitation Assessment Service and works exclusively with homeless persons at Inner City Family Health Team. He is also Adjunct Professor at York University.

Target audience: 
  • Applicable To Any Level 
  • Occupational therapists and Psychologists who provide support to persons who are homeless, or at risk
  • Students who are interested in supporting homeless persons
  • Medical and allied health practitioners who are interested in homelessness 

*Please contact the  OSOT Office  to register as a group or with any questions.
We hope you enjoy this programming!


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