Earlier this month, ISS-USA's Director of External Partnerships and International Services , Dr. Felicity Sackville Northcott, was invited to speak at The Consular Corps of Washington, DC, the world’s largest affiliate of the International Consular Corps. Consular staff are responsible for assisting their foreign nationals living in the U.S., and helping U.S. citizens arrange travel to foreign countries.

Dr. Northcott spoke to members of the Consular Corps about cross-border child protection and ways in which ISS-USA works with consulates to support foreign families living in the U.S. This includes handling cases related to family conflict, children in care, and coordinating services outside the scope of the consular staffs’ responsibilities.

Dr. Northcott will soon be meeting with the Executive Director of the Consular Corps College to organize a webinar to further educate consular staff around the country about the work of ISS-USA.