Supportive Housing Services News & Updates
Washington County
June 22, 2021 |
Allocation Updates
Last month, over 40 organizations applied to participate in Washington County’s SHS program as qualified services providers through a Request for Programmatic Qualifications procurement process. Through an extensive and inclusive evaluation process, 38 organizations were approved to join our network of qualified partners to provide expanded services helping people experiencing homelessness access and maintain housing. Welcome to our new network of partners! If you are interested in seeing the full list of qualified providers, click here.

The Department of Housing Services is beginning reaching out to partners to establish contracts and launch new SHS programs. The first programs that will be launching this summer include:

  • Intensive Housing Case Management Services,
  • Housing Retention Services,
  • Interdisciplinary Housing Response Teams, and
  • Bridge Shelter programs.

These new SHS programs are the first steps in building out the SHS system of care that will continue to grow in partnership with the network of service providers over the next year. After these initial contracts are allocated and programs are launched, staff will begin expanding our programs with winter shelter programs, affordable and transitional housing services, peers support and employment programs, disability benefits, advocacy, and more.
Our Mission... Together, with our partners and a community stakeholders, the Supportive Housing Services program is working to implement the voter approved regional measure by building a system of care that addresses the needs of people experiencing homelessness with supportive housing, towards a shared vision of ending chronic homelessness and advancing racial equity in Washington County.