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 July 2018

GOOGLE has Nothing on Them! 

Congratulations to Victory Centre of Galewood residents Lorraine, William and Kathy, who took home the first-place trophy for the 2018 AALC Trivia Competition! This is not the first win for the trivia team known as The Galewood Scholars

A Day at the Beach
A visit to Whihala Beach in Whiting, IN was the perfect summer outing for friends from Victory Centre of Park Forest, Victory Centre of River Oaks and Victory Centre of South Chicago to enjoy together. Pathway community get-togethers like this help residents widen their social circles and broaden their horizons with new experiences and an exchange of ideas.  


While studying the Lakota Nation, Alexian Village residents learned ALL about the American Buffalo - how it became the symbol of the Native American Culture, how the Native Americans depended on buffalo for survival and the buffalo's near-extinction.     

Residents were stunned at the buffalo's size!


Oak Hill Supportive Living Community  helps residents celebrate life by fostering a stimulating, comfortable and openhearted environment. 

People choose Oak Hill because they need someone to support their journey, not stand in the way. Pathway to Living's award-winning VIVA! lifestyle accomplishes just that with programs that promote joy, meaning and purpose. 

Pathway Culinarians are serving up heaping helpings of fresh, in season, locally grown food. What's even more exciting is that residents have a hand (literally!) in picking the fruits and vegetables that show up on their plates. 

Many are rolling up their sleeves to harvest food from local farms as well as from their community's very own Victory Gardens. 


Life Enrichment Aides (also known as LEAs or CNAs) are like superheroes to Pathway community residents. They touch residents' lives daily in many ways - from providing personalized wellness care to helping them look their best to answering calls and needs promptly with an "I can do"
attitude and smile.     

Much-deserved root beer float break for LEAs!   

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