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Spanning the Generations

Oak Hill Supportive Living Community residents enjoy life-enriching experiences and inspire, mentor and are mentored by friends of all ages. Most recently, residents shared an afternoon with Round Lake High School students crafting and marveling over memories evoked by an old-school typewriter. 

Mardi Gras MADNESS!

A special visit by a jester, homemade gumbo and good friends made for unforgettable Mardi Gras celebrations at Victory Centre of Sierra Ridge in Country Club Hills and Victory Centre of Galewood in Chicago. 


Supportive Living Isn’t a Dirty Word  

Lifestyle Specialist Yvette McWhorter from Victory Centre of Park Forest rebuffs common misconceptions about Illinois’ Supportive Living program in this blog . Find out Supportive Living offers people with financial limitations a fulfilling, affordable lifestyle without compromise. 

Victory Center of Bartlett
SeniorAdvisor.com awarded Victory Centre of Bartlett Best of 2019 ” for consistently receiving high ratings and positive reviews from families. This honor goes to the top one percent of providers nationwide, so a huge congrats to Bartlett!
ABOVE: Bartlett Resident's Celebrate St. Patrick's Day 


That would be okay with the folks at Victory Centre of Vernon Hills , who celebrated national Pi Day on March 14 (3/14) with a sweet spread of homemade double chocolate cheesecake and strawberry rhubarb pies baked by the managers for residents and team members to taste. 

South Chicago’s Resident of the Month

Victory Centre of South Chicago Executive Director Anthony Shell presents Sadie a framed certificate for being chosen as resident of the month for her kind and loving spirit. 


The Women of Sierra Ridge

You don’t have to look too far to find a woman’s story worth sharing. And in 2019, it’s imperative that the young women of our generation pay homage to the females who have been following their dreams for decades and overcoming all odds.

At Victory Centre of Sierra Ridge , we’re sharing encouraging anecdotes from residents with a lifetime of knowledge under their belts. 

For Vivian Banks , a 13-year resident of Victory Centre, she has a life of adventurous travel she fondly looks back on. From working in the post office in Washington D.C., Vivian uprooted her life to see the world. She awed at Mount Rushmore, took a bus down to Cancun where she sailed in the Pacific Ocean and even safaried through Nairobi, Africa and witnessed the beauty of lions, elephants and more.

“I’m a vagabond,” Vivian brags. “It was an once-in-a-lifetime thing.”

To this day, Vivian is proud to live a life of adventure, independence and vibrancy. “I love to travel,” shares longtime Chicago resident. “I did the right thing.” Read More.
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Women's Health
Hear what Pathway’s Director of Wellness, Jane Beatty , has to say about women’s health and how women can be proactive about remaining healthy. 

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