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Supra Will Soon Replace Old iBoxes for Current Keyholders with New BT LE Lockbox!
Later this month, your Supra iBoxes will be phased out in favor of the new Supra BT LE Lockbox. Our records show you have one or more iBoxes that you should exchange (at no cost) for the new BT LE Lockbox. Features of the iBox BT LE include:
  • No eKEY Application Fob Needed
  • Larger Key Container
  • Simple One-Step Shackle Release for Easy Placement on Properties
  • Longer Battery Life

Learn more about this new model HERE.
What Should You Do Now?

In preparation for the upcoming keybox exchange, now is a good time to locate and count your current iBox inventory. Vetting your inventory now will make the exchange process smoother. If you have questions, contact MLS PIN’s Customer Care at 800-695-3000, Option 1, or email membership@mlspin.com.

More information about the exchange will be coming soon. STAY TUNED, AND GET READY!