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We know churches in your conference and around the world are going through a lot of hard things right now. We have some good news from Free Methodist churches around the world that are hardest-hit by poverty... and yet (even in the midst of this global pandemic) they are still reaching out to their communities with practical help.

Your churches can help churches worldwide who are reaching out to the poorest of the poor!

SEED can help you:
SEED has gifts to help you bless people who can't come to church (like bookmarks from India)
SEED has tote bags you can customize (like for your food pantry)
SEED has easy and effective ways you can help your congregation to give with faith and hope to help those most hurting around the world (like SEED Capital and donating for SEED or our partner groups)
What has SEED done recently?
Launched 5 SEED Capital projects - micro-enterprises where Free Methodist churches create or grow businesses (cooperative farms, local businesses, upgrades to sewing centers). These make churches and ministry more sustainable. Through SEED Capital projects, FM churches give work to refugees, bi-vocational pastors, and people who are disabled.
Helped artisan groups develop over 70 products. These are for our market, and many other markets, leading to better sustainability.
Launched Larger Orders so you can buy 100 tote bags for your food pantry... or 100 journal covers for your visitors... or drawstring bags for your VBS... all ethically sourced from our FM brothers and sisters!
Launched Church Supplies (like bookmarks for people staying at home... and gifts for your visitors or volunteers)
For more details and stories, you can read a review
How can you help?
  • Buy your customized goods (like tote bags or gifts for shut-ins) from SEED here
  • Buy gifts like bookmarks or journal covers from SEED here
  • Donate to SEED here.
  • Invest in SEED Capital, where groups pay your investment forward here
  • Share this email with your church members!
  • Pray for SEED and our partners around the world!

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SEED helps Free Methodist churches
help small business ministries grow
by working in close partnership with artisan groups s who are using their hand crafting skills - and groups who do other businesses that make sense in their community -
to overcome poverty, slavery,and disability.
SEED collaborates with makers to use more natural materials and best practices to create sustainable livelihoods.
SEED pays fair trade wages to all artisan groups. This helps them support their families and communities.
SEED works with groups creating a holistic approach to improving livelihoods. These groups live and grow together economically, relationally & spiritually, and they train new artisans.