Students Make Parts for the International Space Station with a 3D Printer! DMS is the only middle school in the USA to partner with NASA for this project!
Message from the Superintendent
Dr. Jan Irons Harris
September 9, 2019
Word of the Week: Time Management
Students took time from their busy schedules to sign a Character Pledge last week.
DCS Elementary Students Rank #1 in School Connectedness in RESA District on Georgia Student Health Surveys 2018-2019

Noteworthy Feedback from DCS Elementary Student Surveys
Dade County Elementary students ranked #1 on 10 of 11 survey questions related to School Connectedness. In each case, our students' responses rated higher than the average rating for our RESA District (17 school districts - 175 schools)

#1 DCS 96.7% I like school. RESA average - 63%
#1 DCS 97.5% I feel like I do well in school. RESA average - 69.9%
#1 DCS 100% My school wants me to do well. RESA average - 97%
#2 DCS 99.7% My school has clear rules for behavior. RESA average - 96%
#1 DCS 99.4% I feel safe at school. RESA average - 83.1%
#1 DCS 99.2% Teachers treat me with respect. RESA average - 91.3%
#1 DCS 98.6% Good behavior is noticed at my school. RESA average - 77.2%
#1 DCS 96.7% Students in my class behave so Teachers can teach. RESA average - 51.2%
#1 DCS 97.2% I get along well with other students. RESA average - 77.9%
#1 DCS 98.3% Students treat each other well. RESA average - 67.3%
#1 DCS 99.7% There is an adult at my school who will help me if I need it. RESA average - 91.3%

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