Surge Institute Quarterly Newsletter
Winter 2017
Seasons Greetings!

We are approaching the end of a remarkable year. While I would be remiss not to mention the rollercoaster this year has been for our country—full of conflict, doubt and questions about the future of education—I am proud to see our movement continue to grow, thrive and impact our communities.

Hopelessness is often the enemy of justice, but Surge’s movement and the children being positively impacted provide reason for hope and joy this season.Through this newsletter I'm thrilled to tell the story of our impact, progress and success in 2017.

And we're just getting started!

Next year will bring a new Surge Fellowship , based in Oakland, California, aimed at elevating and empowering African-American, Latinx and Asian/Pacific Islander emerging education leaders.

In a world of uncertainty, in the cool winter season, beauty still blooms. I am proud to look back and thrilled to look ahead. Thank you for being a part of this movement, and enjoy the holidays!

In community,
Carmita Semaan, Founder and President
News & Announcements
East Bay Surge
In February 2018, Surge begins a new chapter with the Oakland Surge Fellowship, aimed at elevating and empowering African-American, Latinx and Asian/Pacific Islander emerging education leaders.
Thank you for choosing to #SurgeForMore!
Our 2017 seven-days of online giving brought amazing support, with hundreds of donors giving toward our mission. Many thanks to all who contributed to the most successful #SurgeForMore campaign to date!
Get to Know
Erica Bauer
Erica is Director of Student Engagement at Walter Payton College Prep in Chicago . Erica is also a 2018 Surge Fellow, and her journey is only beginning.
2017 Annual Report
This digital report opens a window to our journey and success throughout Fiscal Year 2017. 
Measuring our Impact
Surge cannot be a movement in name only. We sought accurate and unbiased data to measure our true impact on the communities we serve.
Fellow & Alumni Recognition
Surge Fellows and Alumni are achieving goals, serving their communities and impacting the future of education. 

2017 Fellow  Andres Avila   has accepted a promotion to Director of Culture & Engagement at Namaste Charter School , a school that offers high quality, holistic education to students within the Chicago Public School system. 2015 Fellow   Adrian DeLeón has co-founded and launched Innovare - Social Innovation Partners , an organization that aims to change the way in which education organizations are traditionally supported to move beyond "consultancy" models that create dependency.
We are the preeminent pipeline addressing the dearth of leadership of color at the decision-making tables within education reform. Surge educates, empowers and energizes educational leaders of color who will create transformative change in the communities they serve.