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Thanks for stopping by at the ACCA and OLTCA Conferences!

We have had the great the pleasure of participating once again in the ACCA and OLTCA Conferences this fall, and have had a wonderful time listening to the inspiring speakers and attending the lovely Gala Awards organized by the Associations. Most of all, we would like to thank all of you who have graciously visited our booth to give us your warm greetings and show us your appreciation for Surge Learning and our online software services. Thank you for stopping by - we look forward to seeing you again soon!

Introducing our new VP of Sales & Marketing: Ron Villanueva
Ron has recently accepted the position of VP of Sales and Marketing in Surge Learning Inc. He is responsible for maintaining current accounts and developing new opportunities with the Sales Team. Ron's extensive experience includes many years as a Retail Bank Manager, which have honed his Strategic Sales and Management techniques. He uses these skills to connect with his clientele and develop personalized and relevant solutions. Ron builds market position by locating, developing, defining, negotiating, and closing business relationships. He prides himself on understanding client values and objectives, and appreciates the pressures linked to achieving results. Ron is involved in many community organizations such as BCCPA, BCSLA, ACCA, ACSHA  and actively fundraises for the Alzheimer's Society of BC, Alberta CNIB, and L'Arche Greater Vancouver. 

We welcome Ron very warmly into the Surge family and are proud to have such a brilliant addition to our team.

What's new in Surge...

 Orientation Groups and Orientation Mode
You can now set up your orientation program with new users so they can only see orientation courses while in Orientation Mode. Once they finish all these courses, they are automatically transferred to their regularly assigned Education Groups. The Orientation Groups can also be left on the user profiles as they no longer need to be removed manually.
Departments will now be called "Education Groups"
For better clarity, we have changed the term "Departments" to "Education Groups".
Education Group presets when adding new users
Education Groups can now be set up  as defaults  from the start  when adding a new user.
Education Group triggers
Check on one Education Group and all the related Groups are automatically added.
Education Groups by product 
The Education Groups will be associated to a specific system (LMS/Policy or QRM); so when using a particular system, Groups that do not apply will not have to be displayed.
Education Groups in enterprise databases
E ducation Groups can now be added to a local database without having to share them across all the other sites of an  organization.
Education Groups audit log
Each Education Group assignment will now have a date-stamped active status. When you now add or remove Groups, we will have an audit-able record of it.
Upcoming webinars

If you have not yet registered, you are still in time for the following SUPERUSER Webinars:
Nov. 23 & 29 - Wrapping Up Your Education Year
Nov. 27 - New Manager Training & Part 1 for System Admins
Nov. 29 - Training for NEW Educators/System Administrators - Superuser Training part 2
To register, please go to the webinar ad on your Surge database and click on "Register Here".

Leadership Program

Welcome to our new program on leadership! Surge Learning is very proud to present this exciting online customer-focused program for senior care i n collaboration with Leadership Coach   Karen Brill . The Leadership Program is designed for new leaders, current leaders, team leaders, champions, and those anticipating leadership roles in long term care, retirement, community living, and home care.

The goals of the Leadership Program are to prepare people for leadership roles by:

  • Understanding organizations
  • Learning how to create highly effective teams

For more information on pricing and how to access this innovative program, please contact:

Tulia Ferreira
Surge Learning Inc.
T. 416.704.7211
Toll free 1.844.843.4670 x3
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