Surprise Ice In WASH CO This Morning
Despite the lack of any forecast of freezing temperatures overnight last night, temperatures dropped to below freezing throughout Washington County as can be seen on the 5:53am screenshot from Weather Underground. Luckily one of our team was up at 4:00 and checked the weather and notified all of the freezing conditions and we quickly deployed our teams in affected areas and treated sites by 7:00am.
Winter has been mild but frosty conditions are being treated
Quote from our private weather forecasting service:
Interesting combo over weekend with Blustery wind event, then some surprise local frosty roads this morning, just a reminder that it is winter! I can assure you that we will see more of this in the weeks and months to come. Keep in mind 2012(march) and 2014(February) and 2018(Feb), we have plenty of time to see snow/Ice events, that can happen later in the season too!!
Quote from ODA Long-range winter forecast:
January patterns may behave more like they would during an ENSO-neutral year, which leaves the door open for significant storminess and Arctic intrusions.
It ain't over till it's over!  
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