Show your hostesses our heartfelt thanks  
We love our hostesses and shower them with L'BRI goodies galore! Next month there's a sweet surprise for anyone who hosts a qualified Show in February.  
February may be short in days, but it's long in opportunities to spoil your hostesses with this amazing hostess bonus.
The flyer below will be sent to your customers this afternoon.  

When you are helping your hostesses choose a date for their Shows, remind them that their qualified Show allows them to receive the current month's Hostess Bonus. There is still a 7-day grace period at the beginning of the following month to allow hostesses who hold their Shows at the end of the month enough time to close their qualified Show and still receive the Hostess Bonus from the month they held their Show. Or, they can decide to go with the next month's Hostess Bonus. Successful hostess coaching will ensure that the Show closes within the available 45-day window and that the hostess understands her options.
There are many ways to promote these Hostess Bonuses!
Did you know you can find various files in the Business Center to help you promote each month's Hostess Bonus?

When promoting the Hostess Bonus on social media, please let your audience know that the Hostess Bonus is available for qualified Shows. These resources are all posted in the L ibrary under Monthly Specials | Monthly Hostess Bonus. A link to the flyer is also available on your personal website under Host | Hostess Bonus.

Let everybody know that there's a lot to love about hosting a L'BRI Show! 
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