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Bits and Pieces

November 2, 2021

Post Halloween, Murfee especially said to thank all of you who sent in replies or told me in person how much you enjoyed the last newsletter. If you missed it, you can always sign up on our web site (www.sunvalleyquilts.com) and/or read the last one on our site. Murfee wants to be a legend, even if it’s only in his own mind! On Halloween, we all got on the couch where Katie had to scrunch up a bit to make room for Mama, and I told them of all the great comments they got, and I read them the replies, and I passed out Halloween candy to them! Of course, in keeping with the day, the “candy” was really in the shape of bones and looked suspiciously like doggy biscuits, but they were happy for the treats. We decided not to maraud the neighborhood for chocolates, but instead, to walk the yard to see what needed to improve to keep out the ghosts and goblins. Murfee, being my construction guy, had lots of ideas, and has begun acting upon them. Read on:

He drew a line in the dirt (which coincided with the fence line) and decided that he would be the gatekeeper responsible for keeping the “invaders” out of his realm. Willie jumped in to help, Emi Lee wanted to be fully briefed on the plan, and Katie asked what an “invader” was. Murfee had them line up at the fence/defense line, and pointed out the rabbits, the ground squirrels, the snakes and the gecko, declaring them off-limits to his area. This morning, Murfee The Gatekeeper spotted a rabbit, just a “hare” across the fence, hidden under a tree. He stalked, he pointed, he invisibly moved, he crouched, he was on the attack! The other kids and I watched his movements, slight as they were, Katie got bored and as she turned away, the hare moved a hair faster and further away, Murfee was distracted, the stalk was over. Murfee felt as though he won the encounter and the rabbit wouldn’t get that close again, but he never considered that he-hare might be a she-hare and have a hutch under the tree. I guess we’ll wait to see about that one! But he’s feeling at the top of his game, he has a mission, a new line in the dirt to construct, more holes to dig, and life goes on. He was “ghosted” by the rabbit and the other invaders have been placed on the watch list. Will he be able to deputize the other kids into his posse? Will they listen and learn from him? What will tomorrow bring? Ah, the days of our lives will be exciting!

It seems that we will live in the world of “Surprise!!!” for a while. Starting with: Surprise…we have Wed., Thurs. and Friday open in the classroom for you to come in and get some projects done via Open Sew! Come for one day, or all three, at just $10/day. A class had to cancel, so this short notice offers you some flexibility. Our KimberKamp featuring Ginger’s Kitchen bench pillow starts 11-9-21 through 11-12-21, and if you’re taking the kamp, this is an opportunity for you to get your fabric cutting done before the start of class. This enables you to hit the ground sewing on Kamp One Day. Or work on any other project of your choosing.  If you’re coming to Kamp, you should have been called that your kits are cut and ready for pick-up. Come in and take advantage of us---please!---and sew with some wonderful people in a large classroom with supplies available. Try to give us a heads up if you’re coming, please.

As always, we are here for you re: information, guidance, sit and sew on any of our BERNINA machines, bernettes, Grace mid- and longarm quilters, with frames in various sizes and price points. We are happy to formulate a package for you, a bundle, that fits both need and budget. Call for an appointment or just walk in, and we’ll be happy to show you all the options available. We can also offer financing if you choose. We don’t play games with you---if there is a special coming soon from BERNINA and/or Q’nique, we will let you know, and you can make your choices now and we’ll confirm the sale on sale date, or we will match the special now if possible. You do not have to worry about making a purchase just prior to a sale (that would make both Murfee and me mad!!!), so we’re very upfront with you.  

SEW SMART Event will be Nov. 13, at 9:30, a free education event for you, so come enjoy your morning with us, purchase the special foot of the month, the #73 Stipple Foot, at the event and get 30% off, instead of the regular 25% off for the foot of the month. The topic of this event will be Making Your Sewing Room Fun, featuring a walking tour of the shop and all those little items and surprises that we bring up that we know work well, and some of the bigger items, too! The items that you never saw or did not know we carried.  

Tips will feature what to specifically look for and ask yourself about when making purchases, from $2 up to lots more. Why do we carry what we do, why do we know that it’s better and often less expensive, how do we judge value and purpose, and lots more. Of course I hope that you plan to buy from us, but if not, you’re armed with enough facts to make an intelligent and purposeful purchase. What more is there?!?!  

Panels of the week, with a look toward Christmas, are featured here and priced at just $6 each, online or in shop. Oh, and let’s make all fall fabrics 25% off this week, to give you a help with Thanksgiving items! Think wall hangings, pillow cases, quilted throw pillows, holiday bags, centerpieces for special throw quilts, and more! There’s still time for making lots of Projects. And don’t forget Cora’s Make and Take, 11-22-21 of the standing gnomes! She has kits for you to purchase for your class gnome, so just bring your machine and its necessaries, and you’re ready to make and take! We hope to see you soon, and we’ll always have a smile for you, and you can meet our two newest crew members: Judy and Darcie! Have a wonderful week, and watch out for the marauder Murfee who’s spending more time at home these days since he just can’t seem to grasp those masked faces he sometimes sees, and he goes bat-crazy barking!

Barbara and the crew with Surprises for you at SVQ

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