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May 10, 2018
When you were a little kid, you probably picked the most beautiful flower out of the yard and proudly gave it to your mom. It was probably a dandelion (or it could have been a prize rose from her garden)
Mom LOVED that flower, because she knew it came from your heart.
Flowers have remained in any mother's eyes as the gift from the innocent child, whom she raised and adored since the first time she laid eyes upon you.
At Dan Schantz Greenhouse, we feel the same way you do about your moms. We strive to have the best selection of the most beautiful flowers available on the market. It's why we're here- we are addicted to serving our customers with something to be proud of.
We'd like to take this time to thank all of our moms- young and old, for "just being you"
Have a delightful weekend.
Now, go out and pick some flowers for your mom!
Check it out!
Quality designs at affordable prices
Want to create your own arrangement from your garden?
Hanging Baskets are a WONDERFUL choice for Mother's Day.
Our hanging baskets come in every combination, color and variety imaginable!
from $15.99 to $34.99 You've just gotta see!
Created by our staff of designers, these gift baskets are a perfect gift. The potted flowers are ready for transplant later, or simply keep them in the basket for many weeks.

Want to create your own?
Summer Favorites!
Patio Planters are our specialty! We create over 300 combination planters throughout the year. At Dan Schantz Farms, we have a creative team who develops the most compatible collection, for shade, sun or heat tolerant areas. All season long, all styles and colors. New shipments daily!
Tropical Blooming Hibiscus, Gardenias, Mandevilla Vine, Dipladenia, Ixora, plus others arrive every week! These beautiful summer blooming plants are quickly becoming the "newest sensation" since the invention of the backyard retreat. All colors and sizes, these blooming Hummingbird Loving plants are a favorite throughout the summer season!
Vegetable plants in all sizes! (large patio planter pictured) Over 200 varieties grown on our farms- heirloom, market ready, hard to find... they're all here!
Frost should be almost over now- but cover eggplant, cukes and peppers if needed.
You never know what you will find while shopping at Dan's. You'll also find that we have a great sense of humor, a dedication to pets (memorials) and small details that make YOUR garden "uniquely yours"
Because All Moms are Different!
Still not sure what to give your mom? Have fun with these ideas!

Did you know we have aquatic plants and water fountains?
Well established vines, full to pot. Braced and netted for careful transport. Ready to bloom! Raymond Evison collection Plus Proven Winners Clematis. Choose from many colors and fancy varieties- the best we've ever had!

Clematis are an easy to grow, vining perennial that will reach great heights. They prefer full sun to a little shade and ample moisture. They like to have cool roots, so mulching at least 3" on top of root system is essential. Feed regularly through the growing season. Clematis bloom until end of May or mid June. They will stay green until the fall frost hits. Prune "dead" vines to 12" above soil level in late fall.
Winter vines are sturdy and can be used in crafts!
Our favorite message from a customer this week
We get many questions comments and photos on all social media and our website. This one caught our eye- and had us rolling.
They brought their bearded lizard to our store for a little
Our favorite Mother's Day idea so far! This was done by a little girl named Mya. She came on a school tour of our farm last Thursday from the kindergarten class at Salem Christian School. (Her mom is one of the owners here at Dan Schantz Farms)
When Mya got home, she created this fabulous LEGO design.
" Look Mommy- this is your greenhouse!"
(in case you can't see it the way we do- this is our 25 acre farm in Zionsville, complete with flowers... and of course Mya and her mommy are there in the design. Great JOB MYA!
We love it!
Garden Club Tours at the Farm

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