March 2023

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March 1st is National Pig Day! As Ohio pig farmers, we celebrate the pig for everything that they do for us – no other animal provides a wider range of products than the pig. As the old saying goes, with pigs you can use "everything but the oink!"

See some examples of by-products from pigs here:

For more information on pork by-products, click here.

Mix It Up This Month With Pork

Look past the "typical" pork meals of ham and pork chops this month and try some of these delicious recipes that are sure to impress!

Thai Pork Burritos

Pizza Muffins

Mandarin Pork Salad

Brie and Bacon Pastry

Pork Hock with Ginger

Vietnamese Lettuce Wraps

Ohio Pork – A Family Affair

For fifth- and sixth-generation farmers, Duane and Anthony Stateler, pig farming is truly a family affair. Generations of Statelers work together to provide safe and wholesome pork for our communities.

"A pig farmer's most important responsibility is to take care of the animals," said Duane Stateler. "I've always instilled upon the kids, and the grandkids, that the animals can't fend for themselves. We have to provide for them the food, shelter, and water – it's our goal and our main importance that we do that and treat them as best as we can."

To produce healthy and nutritious pork for Ohio families, pig farmers have to take in pride what they do and the Stateler family is a shining example.

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