A Surprising Answer to Intel CPU Shortage
Greetings from San Diego!

Have you heard comments by the Intel CEO recently that semiconductor shortages would take 'a couple years' to fix? In the meantime, shortages are affecting companies who use PCs or single board computers. Firm delivery confirmation is difficult to achieve from Intel for lower-end CPUs, especially Core i3 processors. 

Enter a helpful solution from Impact Components! Impact has introduced complete compact PCs and new standalone mini-ITX motherboard series D3713 (see SBC details below). Designed and manufactured in Germany by Kontron using AMD Ryzen, boards featuring such built-in CPUs offer comparable performance vs Intel. Kontron is able to stock thousands of AMD CPUs in Germany now for immediate deployment in order to fabricate SBCs / computer motherboards with short lead times. 
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With benchmarks measurements taken by means of Passmark, PC Mark10, and 3D methods, these AMD equivalents to specific Intel CPUs can be established based on their Power Consumption (x axis) and CPU & GPU Performance (y axis). For example, performance of Kontron D3713-R4 motherboard with embedded AMD Ryzen CPU R1606G (DC/DualCore) is comparable to Intel Core i3 CPU 8145UE and Intel Core i3 CPU 10110U, while AMD offers power consumption savings. Kontron D3713-V2 with built-in AMD Ryzen CPU V1605B (QC/QuadCore) is comparable to Intel Core i3 CPU 9100TE while offering about 2x power consumption savings! And Kontron D3713-V4 with AMD Ryzen V1807B (QC/QuadCore) is comparable to Intel Core i5 CPU 9500TE - again with power consumption savings.

Thus, with mainly robotic assembly in Bavaria for all motherboards like of this new AMD Ryzen CPU family, the shorter production lead times through Impact Components offer a solution to the world-wide semiconductor supply chain crisis.
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SBC Features
-up to 32GB RAM
-2x Serial ATA III 600
-Mini-PCI Express®
-M.2 Keys B & M
-2 LANs
-up to 9 USBs
-1x RS232/422/485
-3x RS232 (2x by header)
-8 Bit GPIO
-HD Audio
Environmental Specifications
(without chassis)
Operating temp -10C to +70C
Storage temp -25C to +70C
Complete System in Chassis
• 250 x 191 x 52 mm
• Built-in cooling
(Active Fan or Passive Heatsink)
• Optional Risercard (PCIe x4)
• Optional Wall Mount Kit
• Optional 84W AC-Adapter
• Optional WiFi/Bluetooth (via mPCIe-to-m.2 WLAN Adapter)
Wide temperature -10 to 45°C
Flexible DC-in (any 8V to 36V)
Alternative Fanless Chassis
  • 230 x 219 x 90 mm
  • IP50 protection (with 0.7m/s ambient airflow)
  • Anodized aluminum 
  • Silver or Black color
  • Custom logo (silk print or laser)
  • Wide temperature -10 to 50°C
  • Other benefits from chassis above
Choose From These Motherboard Models

D3713-V2 with V1605B (Quad-Core 2.0/3.6 GHz)
D3713-V4 with V1807B (Quad-Core 3.35/3.8 GHz)
D3713-R1 with R1102G (Dual-Core 1.2/2.6 GHz)
D3713-R2 with R1305G (Dual-Core 1.5/2.8 GHz)
D3713-R4 with R1606G (Dual-Core 2.6/3.5 GHz)