Summer is almost here!
We finally are getting some nice weather! With spring and summer here at Surrey, some of our dedicated volunteers will be vacationing. If you are in the local area for the summer and have any extra time that you’d like to offer during the summer months, please contact me.  We can work together to match you with a great opportunity to expand your skills or just meet some more fun people along the way.

I have my first meeting with the Volunteer Task Force Committee in early May.  The Task Force consists of Volunteers and a few Board Members, and there are three main topics we will address: Volunteer Recruitment, On Boarding/Training and Retention. It will be great to get thoughts and ideas from our Committee Members on what’s going well and also how we can improve here at Surrey.

Also, I will be sending all of you a VERY brief Survey in my next edition of Volunteer Viewpoint, so we can collect volunteer program feedback from everyone who wishes to share. So… be on the lookout for the on- line Volunteer Satisfaction Survey in my next edition.

Meantime, I hope to continue to meet many more of you in the coming months and thanks again for ALL that you do!


If you would like to contact me directly, my email is and my direct phone number is 484-321-6106.
Volunteer Appreciation Ice Cream Socials!
Thanks to everyone who attended and celebrated Surrey's wonderful volunteers.
Did You Know?
Did you know that you can include your commute time when you record your volunteer hours?

Volunteer hours are very important to Surrey when we apply for grant funding, state funding and private donations. They are a quantifiable measure of the level of engagement our volunteers have with our mission and community.
Volunteer Opportunities
Volunteers Needed for Devon
Who likes Language Groups? We are looking for a Volunteer leader for a Chinese conversation group and a Spanish Conversation Group.

Who likes Drama? We will need a Volunteer Drama Director who can start in September of 2018. 

Poetry anyone? Still in need for a volunteer to start a poetry class

How about anyone with advanced skills in Word and Excel?  We are looking for Instructors to teach our Members these valuable skills.

Jeanne's Place Cafe
Dishwashers—always a need for more dishwashers!

Servers - especially on Thursdays and Fridays

American Red Cross Blood Drive
Surrey in Devon
August 15, 2018
2:30 to 7:30

Shifts available. Volunteers needed to help with sign in, etc.
To sign up for any of these volunteer opportunities, click here to email Caryn or call 484-321-6106
Volunteers Needed for Havertown
  • Language instructors: Italian and Spanish
  • Craft instructors: jewelry making, zentangle, water colors, other ideas?
  • Teaching card games: Bridge, Pinocle, Canasta

  • Job Resource Center: volunteers strong in HR and/or on line job seeking techniques. Morning, afternoon and early evening times.
  • Helping members who are job seekers with online application
  • Formatting resumes
  • Setting up email accounts so job seekers can email resumes
  • Party/Event Planners: If you like to organize events, we are looking for help.

To sign up, call Caryn at 484-321-6106 or email using the link below.

Volunteers Needed for Consignment Shop
Like to shop and work with customers? The Consignment Shop in Berwyn has some open shifts. 

To sign up, call Caryn at 484-321-6106 or email using the link below.

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