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Shut Down Yarl's Wood
Shut Down ALL immigration detention centres

Demonstrate #SurroundYarlsWood
Sat 10 Sept 2016
Yarl's Wood Immigration Removal Centre, Bedford at 1pm

END the Hostile Environment & STOP the scapegoating of immigrants
STOP deportations & mass charter flights
BUILD community resistance to immigration raids
JAIL killer police and immigration enforcers

This national demonstration is the 9th demonstration at Yarl's Wood, led by Movement for Justice (MFJ), bringing together detainees at the windows of Yarl's Wood (YW), with anti-racist fighters outside from all around the country. These actions are building a mass, independent, integrated, youth-led, civil-rights and immigrant-rights movement: a movement showing the way forward for the masses of poor, exploited, working class and oppressed of all races and national origins - a way we can win.

These protests, and the actions of detainee and ex-detainee women have held YW under a spotlight and at the centre of resistance to racism in the UK. They are the frontline of the fight for women's rights and immigrant rights in Britain. For several years generations of women inside have organised using the political method of MFJ, stopped deportations and successfully resisted mass deportation charter flights. YW is a place where sexual abuse by guards could not be covered up, but is exposed and made indefensible even to the most craven politicians who otherwise defend anti-immigrant policies.
Detention and immigration raids are fragile policies when confronted by communities that are organised, defiant and taking collective action: action MFJ is committed to building. 

This is a crucial time for a mass Surround YW demo, putting the fight to end the scapegoating of immigrants front and centre. The future direction for Britain and Europe is not decided; the political and economic crisis is unresolved, and while governments betray communities with divide-and-rule policies, ordinary people from Africa and the Middle East are pushing through, opening borders in search of freedom: moving, to solve the problems of war and poverty created by the ruling imperialist elites. 

Brexit has heightened the racist scapegoating of immigrants and demonisation of Muslims: the result of years and years of politicians cynically blaming immigrants for the effects of their own policies and it has broken out into an upsurge of racist and xenophobic attacks. The point of the politician's attacks on immigrant communities is to make it easier to attack the welfare, healthcare, education and freedoms Britain proclaims - racism is key to austerity. As austerity sent hungry families to food banks, politicians offered them racism to eat. Racism and anti-Muslim bigotry are a weapon politicians use to divide the poor and exploited from their most important allies; our movement has no use for either and must reject both.

Through struggle LGBT+ asylum seekers have expanded the right of asylum: defeating the Home Office's hypocrisy. Women escaping violence, rape and abuse are constantly figuring out ways to speak out that turn the tables and put the Home Office on public trial. Asylum seekers inside detention have been the most explosive force in fighting back by any means, defeating the Home Office 'Detained Fast Track' process designed to isolate and speed cases securing quickie refusals and deportations. Through resistance detention has become an unreliable, fraught means of control. The government have had to back down over the pregnant and those seeking asylum. Four detention centre's have been shut down; more can follow.

The paralysis that afflicts the traditional left, Labour Party and trade union leaderships faced with rising anti-immigrant racism does not hold back youth who continue to march out and shut down roads to rally against police and state brutality, nor thousands of refugees risking everything who've fled to Europe's shores. We know that rights and dignity are never given us without our demand and our struggle.

The poor and working classes rooted in Britain need the dynamism and determination of those coming to Europe's shores. It is up to the black, Asian, immigrant communities and youth, to lead - with and without papers: speaking the plain truth and organising an integrated movement that confronts racism while fighting for everyone's basic rights and dignity. We can fight back, inspire people, build an independent movement, win, and set a new course for the UK and Europe.  JOIN MOVEMENT FOR JUSTICE!

What you can do & stuff we need....

PLEASE DONATE:  Each Eventbrite page has an option to donate something to help pay for free asylum seekers seats, so if you can't come or want to donate something extra just click on the green  'get tickets' button and choose the 'donation' option. If you want to make a direct donation to MFJ our bank details are: Movement for Justice, 21590621, 50-10-29, ref: SYW9donation)

OTHER AREAS: if you want to organise a coach or minibus from your area email to discuss it, we have no more money to pay for additional coaches so need to raise all money needed through donations & ticket sales.

TRADE UNIONS: last demonstration we raised a lot of money with the help of Student Unions, this time round we're in summer so thats not an option - if you are a member of a Trade Union please ask your branch about making a donation to help pay for transport. There is a very basic model motion linked to on each of the Eventbrite pages.

FUNDRAISERS: If you can help by putting on a fundraiser, get in touch!

SPREAD THE WORD! The women inside are organising and preparing for the 10th September, this is the first demonstration post Brexit and needs to be a huge one to make clear our rejection of the rise in anti immigrant bigotry and attacks, that our movement is growing and stronger than ever. Lets pull out all the stops to make it massive - please forward this email, write something for your blog, we are happy to speak to any press or anyone who wants to write something about the demo.

PRESS: Can you help with a press strategy? get in touch!

WOODEN PALLETS: If we can get a load of wooden pallets they make a fantastic platform to see the detainees better and for them to see and hear us better - if we can get 5-10/15 pallets we will look into hiring a van to get them there (and then ask everyone to pitch in to help carry them) or if anyone coming on the coaches can bring pallets to stash underneath, thats great too.

FOR THOSE WHO CANT MARCH: if you would be interested in doing some other action on the day or in the run up, get in touch, its something a couple of people have raised as a possibility given the terrain around yarlswood is so difficult for those of us with physical impairments - we can start some discussion about what that would be.

ARE YOU DRIVING?: If you are driving and would be willing to help out driving those with physical impairments from the front of Twinwoods to the halfway spot & back at the end of the day, get in touch. We also need drivers who might be willing to give lifts to bedford station for those who have to leave earlier than 5pm (the first bedford coach pick up time).

MUSIC: If you are part of a band and have a song/piece you think is relevant for the women in YarlsWood, get in touch. We have a very basic two PA system with radio and wired mics - we thought it would be good to have two or three short performances (one or two songs).

REMEMBER: Think TALL signs, BIG banners, BRIGHT colours, BOLD messages to the women, NOISE/SOUND and HEIGHT

If you have any other ideas you want to talk through, email
Read MFJ's full statement on the EU referendum, about the movement are building and why you should join Movement for  Justice
NO to Fortress Britain and NO to Fortress Europe..
For the past 6 years Movement for Justice has been in the lead of the struggle to end immigration detention, we organise inside and outside of the detention centres resisting deportation, demanding freedom, fighting to win by any means necessary.

What we stand for...

We march today, we march tomorrow, and we keep marching to build a new Britain: diverse, integrated and equal. We aim to win. We tell the truth about racism, sexism and anti-gay bigotry and the growing inequalities within our society. We believe that every human being is entitled to a job, to education, to food, shelter and the other necessities of life, so that every one of us can live in dignity, proud to be who we are, encouraged and able to fulfil our hopes and aspirations.