To: All Sisters
From: Collaborative Communications
Subject: Survey: Symposium on the Triune God 
Date: October 5, 2018
Dear Sisters,
The recent Directional Statements have referred to our being called by the Triune God. Our present statement Love Gives Everything offers this challenge, "We deepen our consciousness of who we are in relationship with the Triune God, one another, and God's amazing universe..."
The Provincial leadership and Chapter members have heard many requests from Sisters to help them deepen their relationship with the Triune God and to better understand current theological insights into this doctrine.  The provinces of Africa, Atlantic Midwest, and Central Pacific are collaborating to offer a symposium on this topic. The symposium will be made available using various media in addition to the live presentations.
The Planning Committee invites you to help us by offering your insights and suggestions for topics, speakers, and resources. Please use the brief survey to do this. You are welcome also to contact any of us to offer your input.
Please respond by October 24, 2018. Thank you for your assistance in the planning process. To access the survey, click here.
Committee Members:

Claire Marie Czerwiec           
Margarida daSilva                  
Rose R. Huelsmann                
Mary Kerber                           
Petronella Muteshi                  
Patricia Murphy                      
Lynne Schmidt                        
Danielle Witt                           
Charlene Zeisset (Facilitator) 
Barbara Valuckas                    

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