Greater Lowell Community Foundation
SURVEY: Youth Food Insecurity
Dear Community Partners,
COVID-19 has exacerbated food insecurity across our region, with some areas experiencing a 60% increase in the number of people facing food shortages. This was already a major challenge before the pandemic.
Our community, MIDDLESEX COUNTY is #3* with the highest projected percentage change in child food insecurity rate, from 2018 to 2020. Massachusetts is home to 167,450 hungry children, including 29,000 in Middlesex County. One in 11 children in our county are considered "food insecure."
GLCF has a real opportunity to make a difference in this space if we approach it first as learners – then as funders. We need your help to understand this issue in a meaningful way by taking this survey by Monday, March 15 at noon. We are grateful for your time and knowledge.

Please share this survey with anyone who has knowledge of youth food insecurity in Greater Lowell, as participation is key to our next steps.
If you have any questions or would prefer a conversation about this information, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Thank you.
Jennifer Aradhya
GLCF VP of Marketing and Programs

Data from Feeding America’s latest report (Oct. 2020) “The Impact of Coronavirus on Food Insecurity”