COVID-19 Impact on BC Hotel Industry
Dear Members,

Thank you to those who participated in our recent survey to help quantify the impact of COVID-19 on British Columbia’s hotel industry. We received an overwhelming response (nearly 400 respondents) and the results were consolidated and shared with the provincial government, including: The Hon. Lisa Beare and Deputy Minister Shauna Brower -Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture and Deputy Minister Lori Wanamaker – Ministry of Finance as well as several team members with the Department of Municipal Affairs.

Understanding the scope of the impact on our industry will support our ask for fiscal support to help our hotels to stay solvent during this crisis. With the number of impacted properties changing hourly, we are working closely with the RDMO’s to quantify the impact, and gratefully acknowledge their support and partnership.

At a high level, the survey results indicated that of the respondents as of March 22:

  • 103 properties were closed (28%)
  • 40 properties were closing soon (11%)
  • 226 properties remained open (61%)
  • Conservatively, more than 11,000 employees have been laid off as of March 22nd, 2020

Support needed for properties, in order of priority:

  • Financial Support
  • Employee Support
  • Tax Deferrals
  • Insurance Support

As of March 25 th , here are the numbers:

  • 142 properties are closed
  • 20,000+ employees have been laid off

The impact quantified confirms, no part of our province is left unscathed. We are aligned with TIABC on our advocacy along with 34 other Associations. But the need for us to stand out, and ensure government understands the fiscal support we need, and to be deemed an essential service is or paramount importance.

While we’ve made strides in representing the needs of the hotel industry and to garner the fiscal support needed to stay solvent and weather this Covid-19 crisis, we need to continue pushing. Government is hearing from all corners of varying industries for support and we need to maintain momentum to ensure our needs are heard and met.

Again, thank you for your support.


Ingrid Jarrett
President & CEO, BC Hotel Association
Property Closure Checklist
While we continue to see property closures daily, the BC Hotel Association has produced a SAMPLE property closure checklist for you to leverage during this difficult time.
State of the Industry
STR provides premium data benchmarking, analytics and marketplace insights for global hospitality sectors and have been closely monitoring the impact of COVID-19 on the hotel industry globally. They produce weekly impact reports and host quick-hitting weekly webinars focused on the most recently processed week of hotel performance data for the U.S. and Canada.

They cover national numbers as well as the key markets to show the most significant performance fluctuations as COVID-19 concerns broaden. This webinar series is recorded and made available each week for those unable to join live.
Go2HR Job Board
A solution for your displaced employees: Healthcare Jobs on go2HR Job Board.

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, many tourism and hospitality employers have to reduce opening hours, lay off employees, or even shut down the operation completely. While some employers have come up with ways to assist their displaced employees, many are still impacted by the shortage of work. go2HR is pleased to offer a solution to help your staff find temporary employment during this trying time. 

As you know, the healthcare sector, including private care homes and senior residences, has an urgent staffing need. They have job openings that are suitable for displaced tourism and hospitality employees, such as front desk, servers, kitchen staff and housekeepers. These positions are a perfect transition for your staff while we are riding out the storm. Starting today, go2HR is going to allow healthcare employers to post their job openings on the go2HR Job Board for free. Their goal is to provide a tool for displaced tourism and hospitality employees to find temporary work, to ensure their livelihood is not disrupted.

Tell your team about the go2HR Job Board. Let them know that these job opportunities will be posted and can help them in the short term. At the same time, we encourage you to stay in touch with your team. Keep them posted on the status of your operation, and make sure to invite them back to work when your organization returns to normal operation.
Personal Protective Equipment Donations
Operation Protect is an initiative of BC’s Ministry of Health and SafeCare BC to acquire any surplus personal protective equipment that organizations can spare. COVID-19 has led to a severe shortage of protective equipment for health care workers. They need this equipment to protect themselves and provide safe, quality care. Without it, they’re at higher risk of injury or illness. These workers are on the front line of the COVID-19 pandemic, and they need our support today.

Do you have:
  • N95 masks (approved by the FDA, NIOSH, or CSA)
  • Surgical masks (approved by the FDA)
  • Exam gloves
  • Hand sanitizer (60% alcohol or higher)
  • Medical-grade disinfection wipes
  • Protective gowns
  • Eye protection (glasses, goggles, and face shields)

If so, please donate now. Learn more about Operation Protect here
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