An invitation from Father Ryan
Dear Friends,

It's hard to believe we're already one month into this New Year, 2021. It has a good sound to it, doesn't it? I have to say I used to think 2020 had a good sound--no more!

I'm hopeful as we start this New Year, for a number of reasons. More and more people are getting vaccinated. We're not out of the woods yet, but it's definitely a sign of hope. I think there's hope in our country too, hope for healing. We have a long way to go, but, still, I find myself cautiously hopeful. And then I look at the Church, I look at Pope Francis: he's such a sign of hope for me, and for the world. He wants to bring us all together, to help us realize that we're all brothers and sisters in this common cause called life.

And then, here in the parish, you give me hope. Through these many months, when anything could have happened, when we could have come unraveled as a community, we haven't. We've stayed together, and you've stepped up to support the parish both financially and with your prayers. You are a great sign of hope to me.

And one more sign of hope. It's been five years since we did a Vision Statement for the parish. It's time to do that again. We want to tap into your thinking, to get some ideas about how we're doing as a parish, what you'd like us to do better, what's working, and what's not.

I hope you will participate. The survey won't take long to complete. Please do take a few moments to share your thoughts. This will be an immense help to us as we convene a new Vision Committee and chart our course for the future, and will help make our parish even better than it is.

Sincerely in the Lord,

Father Ryan

P.S. The deadline for completing the survey is Monday, February 22.

St. James Cathedral
804 Ninth Avenue
Seattle, WA 98104