Are you a person with a developmental disability
who needs support to communicate?

Are you a family member of a person who is non-speaking, minimally speaking, or unreliably speaking?

Are you a professional working with people with disabilities who need support to communicate?

This email is for you!

Disability Voices United and Disability Rights California are leading a project called the Communication Disabilities Access Network (CDAN). The project explores the various problems that people with developmental disabilities face when trying to access communication supports. We want to know the problems you are facing so that we can develop informational materials and advocacy efforts to break down the barriers.

For this survey, "communication supports" means all aspects of a communications system that helps a person with a disability communicate. This could include Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) and assistive technologies (AT).

Communication supports could be equipment, such as a letterboard, iPad, smart phone, DynaVox, JAWS, and PECs. It also consists of services, such as sign language interpreters and communication partners. It can also include communication methods, such as gestures, facilitated communication, Rapid Prompting Method, sign language, braille, and others. This survey also covers the need for assessments, training, and ongoing supervision.

There are three versions of this survey: 

1) For people with developmental disabilities who need communication supports

2) For family members of a person with a developmental disability who need communication supports , and

3) For professionals (direct care providers, agency service providers, speech therapists, educators, etc.) who serve people with disabilities who need communication supports

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