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A Note from Our Director

ESC Director Tom Mongeon
In 2017, ESC embarked on an ambitious project to conduct two vital surveys about the New Hampshire nonprofit community. In this issue of the ESC newsletter, we are highlighting the results from the 2017 New Hampshire Nonprofit Needs Assessment Survey and the 2017 New Hampshire Skilled Volunteer Report. These surveys provide valuable insights into the key needs for enhancing and improving nonprofit operations and how to best find and retain skilled volunteers.

We were fortunate to conduct these surveys as a collaborative effort with the NH Center for Nonprofits, Volunteer New Hampshire, Granite United Way, Monadnock United Way and the United Way of the Greater Seacoast. Funding was provided by the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation. We are grateful to all of these organizations for their assistance.

2017 New Hampshire Nonprofit Needs Assessment    

What do NH nonprofits identify as their key needs for organizational improvement? The 2017 NH Nonprofit Needs Assessment Survey summarizes data about perceived organizational needs from nearly 350 staff, board members and volunteers from diverse NH nonprofits. Learn what nonprofits report about their key strategic needs, interest in collaboration between nonprofits, and openness to the use of consultants and coaches to help meet these needs .

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2017 New Hampshire Skilled Volunteer Report

The 2017 NH Skilled Volunteer Report summarizes data from nearly 700 current and potential volunteers. The survey offered skilled volunteers the opportunity to share their motivations, needs and interests so that nonprofits can learn how to best recruit and retain these high-value individuals.

How ESC Is Using the Surveys
The two surveys are full of interesting information. But how are they useful to a nonprofit organization? As we firmly believe in practicing what we preach, ESC used the results of the surveys to inform its strategic plan and develop effective methods for engaging skilled volunteers.

ESC Consultant Maggie Ford
Maggie Ford in the Spotlight
Good luck keeping up with ESC consultant Maggie Ford! Since 2009, Maggie has been an instrumental part of ESC, participating in many consulting projects and helping us improve our operations. Most recently, Maggie served as editor-in-chief for the two reports. She also helped Castle in the Clouds develop plans to become a more effective, sustainable organization..

Some of our talented ESC consultants at a recent group meeting
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