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Newsletter #151
188 weeks down, 33 weeks to go until Election Day!
Census Day Countdown: 31 days
Be cautious. Be kind. And don't panic.
4 Informative Links about Coronavirus
  1. Center for Disease Control (updated regularly). See more info.
  2. The biggest risk for investors could be that of uncertainty. See why here.
  3. Refresh your knowledge on how to wash your hands effectively here.
  4. Remember: All Asians are not infected and no-one deserves racism. Read more.
6 things to do, remember, or read before the Michigan Presidential Primaries on March 10
Help more people Vote from Home!
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Let them know you support early counting of absentee ballots
Find your legislator by clicking here. Rep Vanessa Guerra introduced HB 5435 “to allow municipalities, at their own discretion, to count absentee ballots early up to 7 days before Election Day.” Learn more here. - Bridge Magazine
Become a trained, poll worker
Check out the Washtenaw County's online resource page here .
Check out these Voting Resources
Voting Information for Washtenaw County . The information provided by the League of Women Voters complete with links to more resources including registration, absentee balloting and with is currently on the ballots.
Friday, March 6. Submit Absentee Ballots for Primary 
Last day to mail out ballots to be counted for the Presidential Primary. Absent Voter Ballot Applications may be submitted at your Clerk's Office through Monday, March 9 at 4:00 PM but will not be eligible for Primary voting.

Tuesday, March 10. Presidential Primary Election
The Presidential Primary Election will be held for the purpose of electing nominees for the Democratic and Republican Parties for the Office of the President of the United States, and, in some jurisdictions, to vote on local proposals. To see what will be on your ballot, go to for a complete list of candidates and of proposals. 
Thursday, February 27. Water Protection Town Hall
Rep. Yousef Rabhi and Sen. Jeff Irwin will be joined by representatives of the Department of Energy, Great Lakes, and Environment (EGLE), and environmental advocacy organizations.Tappan Middle School Auditorium,  2251 E. Stadium Blvd. Ann Arbor . 6:30–8 pm
Poor People’s Campaign Washtenaw County Coffee & Catch Up
  • Friday, February 28
  • Friday, March 6
B-24's Espresso Bar Eats and Entertainment, 217 W Michigan Ave, Ypsilanti . 2:30–4 pm
Calls with MI Resistance: Give the Expungement Package a Hearing
This bill package is a huge step forward, allowing more Michiganders to expunge their criminal records and eliminate barriers to employment and housing. Now that it’s waiting on the Senate, we’d like to give it a push to hopefully get it moving. Sign up for a calling party here .
Learn about the great work done by the League of Women Voters
Attend one of these meetings and be introduced to League Basics for members and prospective members. Come early for a chance to meet and get to know each other, followed by a program and Q&A about the League.

Ypsilanti Library - 5577 Whittaker Rd
Contact member Barb Brown for more information.
  • Wednesday, March 4. 6:30–7:30 pm

Saline District Library - 555 N Maple Rd
Contact member Lynne Kochmanski for more information.
  • Monday, March 23. 5:30–6:30 pm
Film Screening & Organizing “We Cried Power”
“We Cried Power” tells the story of a bold new social movement to end poverty in the United States, inspired by Martin Luther King, Jr.’s 1968 Poor People’s Campaign. The original Poor People’s Campaign was Dr. King’s last great work, uniting poor and working people across race to demand an end to poverty, racism, and war. Hosted by the Washtenaw Poor People’s Campaign. Contact Greg for more information: 
Wednesday, March 11. Learn how to flip the house with Ann Arbor
InDivisible for Democracy 
Join InDivisible to learn about our 2020 strategy, to find out how to be a part of voting out the current administration, and meet other activists in the area. Roddy Wares from the Ann Arbor League of Women Voters will present how to help register voters and share statistics about high school voters. Michelle Pallas from SWIM (StateWide Indivisible Michigan) will inspire us on how to help Flip the House. Read more here . Hathaway’s Hideaway, 310 S Ashley St, Ann Arbor . 7–8:30 pm
Saturday, March 14. Basic Framing 101 Workshop
Open for anyone interested in learning how to effectively reshape thinking in this country toward a more progressive worldview based on empathy and social responsibility. Hosted by Saline Indivisible and A2D2 (Ann Arbor Indivisible for Democracy). All people committed to doing the work are welcome and any donation amount is appreciated, but none is required. Register through ActBlue here . Registration deadline March 11. Space is limited to 35 students. Washtenaw Community College, Gunder Myran Building, Room 319, 4800 E. Huron River Dr., Ann Arbor . Free parking in lot 6 or 7. Registration at the door 12:30 pm, workshop 1–4 pm
More things to do
Michigan expungement bills need a Senate hearing
Contact the Republican members of the Senate Judiciary and Public Safety Committee. Sen. Peter Lucido: (517) 373-7670, Sen. Curt Vanderwall: (517) 373-1725, Sen. Tom Barrett: (517) 373-3447, Sen. Ruth Johnson: (517) 373-1636, Sen. Jim Runestad: (517) 373-1758. These bipartisan bills (HB 4980-4985) , which have already passed the House, would significantly improve the expungement process and expand eligibility. ( Detroit Free Press and Shriver Center on Povery Law ) Expungement is key in improving the lives of formerly incarcerated people, by expanding employment and housing opportunities, among other benefits, and reducing the likelihood of recidivism. Call today.
Keep Trump from ending DOD unions
Write to the Department of Defense at 1000 Defense Pentagon, Washington, DC 20301-1000
Also urge your MoCs to support legislation to stop Trump’s efforts. Tell them that you support the collective bargaining rights of the 750,000 civilian employees of the DOD, many currently represented by the American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE), the largest union for federal employees. ( Don’t end unions. ) ( Secret plan to bust your union ) ( Memo could end Defense unions. ) ( Older Wall Street Journal article. )
Things to read, watch, or listen to
Fascism v America's Democracy: Who will win?
More Americans need to wake up soon to the direct attacks on our nation’s democracy made by forces of fascism. This short piece sums it up succinctly and simply. Please share widely.   Learn more here. - Nation of Change
The billion-dollar disinformation campaign
How new technologies and techniques pioneered by dictators will shape the 2020 election
By McKay Coppins

In an extensive article in this month’s  Atlantic McKay Coppins elucidates strategies and technologies which were “pioneered by dictators (and) will shape the 2020 election.” As part of her research, she created an alternative Facebook account in order to follow the propaganda. To her surprise, she was unable to separate herself from the disinformation media to which she was exposed, causing her to become increasingly suspicious with “truth itself…more and more difficult to locate.” In this year’s campaign, the Trump organization is planning to spend more then $1 billion “to wage what could be the most extensive disinformation campaign in US history.” 

Coppins writes that the Kremlin has long been an innovator in using such tools for building autocracy, using methods of disinformation to create “an invisible radiation that takes effect while the population doesn’t even feel it is being acted upon.” The Trump supporters understand these tactics, and are using “micro-targeting” to send precisely tailored digital messages to large audiences. While Obama and Hillary Clinton used similar strategies in their campaigns, Trump’s efforts were unprecedented in 2016. For example, Trump’s team “tried to suppress turnout among black voters in Florida by slipping ads into their news feeds that read, ‘Hillary Thinks African-Americans Are Super Predators,’ during the final days of the 2016 race.”

Both parties will rely on micro-targeting this year. Reportedly, the RNC and Trump campaign have compiled an average of 3000 data points on every voter in America. According to Coppin, Trump’s advisers believe this election will be decided by “mobilization, not persuasion.” Texting will apparently be at the center of Trump’s reelection strategy. 

The war on the press will continue unabated, with embarrassing information, for example, being released about reporters whose coverage is critical of the President. Following one such story about a reporter at  Business Insider , Don Jr. tweeted disparaging comments to his 3 million followers. Dossiers are being compiled. And “today’s most influential conservatives want to destroy the mainstream media.” Matthew Boyle, a  Breitbart  editor, declared in 2017 that “Journalistic integrity is dead….There is no such thing any more. So everything is about the weaponization of information.” Coppins writes that this is a lesson “drawn from demagogues around the world.”

The Trump campaign has further indicated that they plan to open up a new front – local news. In addition, hundreds of websites have been popping up, with names such as  The Kalamazoo Times , to “exploit the credibility of local journalism.”

Dirty tricks, trolls, bots, disinformation will continue relentlessly in the 2020 election. Democratic strategists are debating whether to fight fire with fire. The big tech companies, such as Facebook and Twitter, are not taking responsibility for monitoring the disinformation. The political theorist Hanna Arendt once wrote that the most successful totalitarian leaders of the 20 th century instilled in their followers a mixture of gullibility and cynicism….The onslaught of propaganda conditioned people to ‘believe everything and nothing, think that everything was possible and that nothing was true.’” Coppins concludes that the legacy of the 2020 election will be not a choice between the parties or candidates, but rather a “referendum on truth itself.’
Block the Vote: Voter Suppression in 2020
Voting should be as easy and as convenient as possible, and in many cases it is. However, across the U.S., many politicians are passing measures making it more difficult to cast a ballot. The goal, manipulate political outcomes , which compromises democracy and doesn’t reflect the will of the people.

Who's Affected By Voter Suppression? 
The short answer is all of us. 
Democracy is corrupted when the vote is not accessible for all. But the fact is that some groups are disproportionately affected by voter suppression tactics than others. Below are some examples.
  • Seventy percent of Georgia voters purged in 2018 were Black. 
  • Across the country, one in 13 Black Americans cannot vote due to disenfranchisement laws.
  • One-third of voters who have a disability report difficulty voting.
  • Only 40 percent of polling places fully accommodate people with disabilities. 
  • Across the country, counties with larger minority populations have fewer polling sites and poll workers per voter. 
  • Six in ten college students come from out of state in New Hampshire, the state trying to block residents with out of state drivers’ licenses.
Voter suppression has many forms as listed below.
  • Voter ID Laws
  • Voter Registration Restrictions
  • Voter Purges
  • Felony Disenfranchisement
  • Gerrymandering
Each of these will be reviewed more in depth in the next several Newsletters.
The normalizing of white-collar criminals by pardoning them is intentional
This week President Trump pardoned seven people and commuted the sentences of four others. Most were white-collar criminals. Trump is normalizing pardons and white-collar crime so it won’t be such a surprise to the public when he pardons people like Roger Stone. It also gives a message to the public that white-collar crime is just the “price of doing business.” Learn more here. - Forbes
Clarification on the 70,000 uncounted votes in Detroit in 2016
Some of our PEG newsletter readers, whom have worked directly in past elections, have discredited the cited source for the 70,000 number. These knowledgeable sources tell us that 70,000 were intentionally left blank by those who didn't vote for anyone for president, some of these "uncounted" ballots were indeed counted, but would have been throw out in a recount due to poor administration of the election in the precincts and that there were other legitimate reasons for there not being 70,000 "lost" ballots. There were no lost ballots.
What is clear that if there had been more trained election inspectors, fewer people would be given erroneously told they didn't meet the qualifications to vote, and fewer people would had left due to the ridiculously long lines. 
Census 2020
Census 2020 is hiring
The US Census Bureau is looking for thousands of Michiganders to apply for census jobs, full and part time, nights and weekends.  Without enough workers, the Census cannot achieve a “ Complete Count ,” and the reapportionment of Congress may not accurately reflect the actual “number of whole persons living in each state,” and election district lines may not contain the required equal number of people in each.
Jobs include Census Takers, Census Field Supervisors, Recruiting Assistants, Clerk, and Office Operations Supervisor. As an incentive, Michigan is paying Census 2020 workers $23 per hour. Full information is here: . Or call 1-855-JOB-2020.
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