Survive the storm special section: Survive in your vehicle, What to do when you're stranded inside, Improvise an interior lamp
February 13, 2014   
Recent storms have turned routine commutes to work into desperate scenarios.  
      Survival situations can happen anywhere, anytime. One can happen on your way home from work. What if you get stuck on the highway - can you survive a night in your car?
    Here are some tips from survival expert Peter Kummerfeldt on what survival tools to take along and what to do if you end up stuck in the snow.

     Here are some SurvivalCommon articles and videos to help you survive the storm:  
  • Stranded inside: How to improvise lighting and stay warm
  • Make a vehicle survival kit
  • First step: Start making a survival kit
  • How to improvise an emergency lamp     
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     *Winter storms are battering  

many parts of the country, and thousands are without power. You may have had to spend the night in your stranded vehicle.
    So those are some of the reasons for this special storm section. The time to think about how you'll handle a winter storm scenario is long before it happens!
Lookin' out my back door...More snow on the way! 
   We got 24 inches of snow in 24 hours last weekend in parts of Central Oregon. Some areas got much more. Heavy snow is not unusual for this area, so we were pretty well-prepared.
     Even so, both my daughter and I got stuck on the way home from school. The snow was falling and accumulating so fast, neither of us could drive. We both ended up in snowbanks alongside the road and ended up walking several blocks home.
    There was survival gear in the trunks, so the trudge was not a problem. In fact, the whole situation  was more inconvenient than anything else.
    I hope these special section winter storm tips and suggestions can help turn your potential urban survival situation into an inconvenience!    
Stay warm, stay safe! - Leon


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What to do when you're stranded inside with no power or heat
snow storm through window
     Here's the scenario - the power went out and you're sheltering inside the house. Outside, the temperature plummets, the wind picks up and it starts to snow. It doesn't appear that the power will be restored within the next few days.   
     How will you stay warm and safe? Here are some suggestions.


Make a vehicle winter survival kit
     Travel can be very dangerous right now. If  your car slips off the road in an isolated area during a blizzard, a routine drive to the grocery store or to visit the family can turn into a nightmare.
     Here are some items to carry in your vehicle that can help you make it to the gas station or survive a night inside the car.
First step: Start making a survival kit
water containers
     One of the most common questions from wilderness/urban survival newcomers is: "What gear will I need?"
      And that's a really good place to begin. For more than 100 years the Boy Scouts and the Mountaineers have been suggesting that every survival kit starts with the Ten Essentials. Here is what you need to get started.
How to improvise an interior lamp for emergency lighting during power outages
     When the power goes down, you'll need a source of light inside, unless you want to sit in the cold AND dark
    Here is how to improvise a simple lamp, out of materials you probably already have around the house.

     I never claimed to know everything!

     But there are many experienced outdoors experts out there, and their knowledge should be passed along.  

     I am a veteran newspaper reporter, photographer and interviewer, and my goal is to make sure this vital survival information is available - free - to everybody. 

Leon mug tree well shelter
Leon Pantenburg
      I have decades of experience in backpacking, canoeing and just knocking around wilderness areas throughout the United States.(Check out my bio! or view the video.)
      I've also learned a lot from making mistakes and hope to pass on that knowledge to you and your family.
     The content of SurvivalCommon is reader-driven. If you have questions or comments, contact me through Facebook.
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