Hope for Victims of War and Ebola

September 2016
Just Back from Liberia
        Eight men were graduated from Meridian's One Year Master Trainer Certificate Program and one of them, Titus Davis, was announced as a Meridian Adjunct Faculty Member.  Ralph traveled to three locations where his trainees minister and watched a rare event where the new Master Trainers supervised a second generation of trainers train a third generation how to evangelize with Bible stories.

"The Kiss of Death"
        After training in Accra in 2010, James took the message of Christ to two countries with the simple method of telling Bible stories.
        Two weeks ago, I reunited with James after six years and he told me about the people he won to Christ and the churches he planted. 
        "I'm an Ebola survivor!" James said.
I couldn't believe it.  To contract Ebola was to receive "the kiss of death." Read about it here.

Spotlight: Ganta of Liberia
      Ralph and Tim Cearley, formerly the  IMB Affinity Leader for Sub-Sahara, West Africa, visited Ganta where Master Trainer, Eleazar, led his Timothys in the training of a third generation of trainees. Thirty-six were trained and were among 288 third generation trainees by seven of our newly graduated Master Trainers. 
      Ganta is near the Guinea border.  It was ravaged by Ebola where more than 100 died.  Eleazar planted a church in the middle of Old Ganta where Ebola was at its worst. Other residents of Ganta avoid Old Ganta because of its bad reputation.  But, a shining Light is there now.  
      When we were there, Eleazar sent three newly trained teams to a part of town known for its drug and alcohol addicts and dangerous people. In two evenings, the teams old Old Testament and New Testament stories in different locations.  Their audiences were receptive and soon another shining Light will illuminate the darkest place in Ganta.

       I want to thank those who prayed for us while on this recent trip to Liberia and for those who believe in our ministry and provided the funds to make the trip possible.
      Gratefully yours,
      Ralph Speas