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      Holy Summer Heat!  As nice as it is, heat can do just as much damage to your vehicle as the winter cold.  Be sure to check out the great information below to keep your vehicle running safe and cool all summer long. 
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You need an A/C Evac & Recharge...HUH?
AC Recharge Canister
If you are a seasoned driver, you more than likely have had your mechanic recommend this process, but what exactly does this mean? More importantly, is it necessary or just a scam to take more of your money?!?! To put it as simple as possible, if you let your refrigerant get too low, an A/C Evacuate and Recharge will be needed. This is simply removing all of the refrigerant in your system and replacing it with new.
Why do they have to evacuate the old refrigerant? There are many federal laws in place to keep our environment safe from refrigerant leaks. You can no longer just keep replenishing the refrigerant like we did in the past, you have to find the problem and fix it. After any leaks are found and fixed, we evacuate all of the refrigerant and use a vacuum to ensure all air and moisture are removed.  This is the only way to be 100% accurate that the correct amount is refilled and your system will function properly.
What are signs you would need this? The most common sign is that your A/C isn't delivering cold air. This is an indication that there is more than likely a leak.
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4 Things to Watch Out for this Summer
1. Tires: ensure your pressure is correct & there is plenty of tread.
2. Battery: heat & long road trips can be hard on your battery's life. Always carry jumper cables.
3. Oil: more miles = more frequent oil changes.
4. Coolant: watch your temperature gauge in the summer to prevent overheating.
Austen Maupin
Employee Spotlight:
Austen Maupin
Position: Refinish Tech
Time @ EAB: 6 months
Years of Experience: 6
Favorite Team: Bengals
Hobby: Cars & Hunting
We Want YOU
   The Greensburg location is in need of a hard-working refinish technician & detailer. We love experience but it's not required. Training will be provided.
Joe and Karen
As always, thank you to all our loyal customers out there. We wouldn't be here if we didn't have you!
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