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Gallery I: Susan Bee, Recalculating: New Paintings 


Gallery II: Stephanie Bernheim, Palm Project 


Gallery III: Senzeni Marasela & Louise McCagg,  

New Traditions in Beauty Queens 


May 25 - June 19, 2011 

Opening Reception: Thursday, May 26, 6 - 8 p.m.

Susan Bee Image   

Gallery I: Susan Bee,  

Recalculating: New Paintings  


Many of the works in this show are based on movie stills, particularly film noirs. These mostly small oil paintings dramatize the relationships between male and female characters through the lens of the dark, violent films of the 1940s and 1950s. The paintings use a flattened and abstracted picture plane, as a starting point for uncanny narrative and figurative overlays that engage psychic dislocation, trauma, and incongruous mystical and religious iconography. These new works figure complex, sensual, dramatic tension, along with strong emotions, in an interwoven whole. The paintings confront, without resolving or sublimating, gender roles and power relationships. Bee's focus is on the marked visual constellations that underlie key popular culture stereotypes.


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Bernheim Image

Gallery II: Stephanie Bernheim, 

Palm Project 


With a limited ability to vary line size and color, Bernheim draws on her photographs using a basic "draw on" program in her palm pilot. What is framed is a fraction of a larger picture. Shifts in color and scale transform the digital flatness of the screen into volume. Passages of high pitch color weave through the image prompting flips of figure and ground. With this anemic palate of digital tools, Bernheim's interventions remain extremely patternly. The textures of surfaces play against each other and marks accumulate. In some instances they annihilate the photograph in others they serve as a passage into it. Frequently the drawing interrupts the pleasures of recognition, but the sum total clearly captures today's accelerated frenzy of seeing and responding. After Bernheim draws on the photograph she sends herself the image, from phone to home.


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McCagg/Senzeni image 

Gallery III: Senzeni Marasela & Louise McCagg,  

New Traditions in Beauty Queens 


A.I.R Gallery is pleased to announce an exhibition of a collaboration between long time A.I.R. artist Louise McCagg and South African artist Senzeni Marasela. This partnership started in 2008 when mutual friends introduced McCagg and Marasela. Their common interest in issues of identity and politics sparked the idea for this exhibition, New Traditions in Beauty Queens. The artists are presenting an installation of dolls, a video projection and a series of interviews on Beauty Queens. Marasela's dolls are bought in stores around Johannesburg, her native city. McCagg's dolls are made from casts of Marasela's face, each with McCagg's signature form: shrunken head casts of varying sizes. Both sets of dolls will be part of Marasela's performance that will take place in the gallery.  


Marasela's performance at A.I.R will take place before the opening night reception Thursday, May 26, as well as on Saturday May 28th from 4-6 PM.


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Header Image: Photo by Meghan McInnis. Artwork Shown: Sally Curcio, Limited Edition, 2004