The "Cotten Method" at

2023 Annual Meeting

May 11-12, Hilton Garden Inn Missoula

       Susan Cotten, BSDH, RDH, OMT, is recognized in dentistry for her expertise in oral and oropharyngeal cancer, screening, and the Human Papillomavirus. Her lectures and workshops help dental and medical professionals to be confident, thorough, and efficient when screening and educating about oral cancer and reducing their liability.

       Susan will share current evidence and research in oral and oropharyngeal cancer using the four pillars of screening from The "Cotten Method:"  

1. Etiologies

2. Risk

3. Signs and Symptoms

4. Hands-on Screening

Excellence is defined as the quality of being outstanding or extremely good.

Susan's mission is to help providers achieve excellence in screening.

Susan is dentistry’s oral cancer coach!  She lives and breathes early detection of oral cancer, a thorough screening on every patient, and reducing liability.

There was a time in Susan's dental hygiene career that this was not the case.  She knew very little about oral cancer and was neither confident nor thorough when performing an oral cancer screening.  It was two events within the same week, a heartbreaking conversation with her favorite patient who is an oral cancer survivor, and being selected for Donny Osmond's Make a Difference program, which acted as catalysts for her passion and deep dive into oral cancer.

Susan is the founder and CEO of Oral Cancer Consulting; she developed the "Cotten Method", a dental practice system helping providers to be confident in screening, aiding in early detection, and reducing liability through office systems.  Susan believes the entire dental team plays a role in raising awareness, educating patients, screening, and early detection.  She works with dental offices that want to provide this oral cancer excellence to their patients.

Susan is also a consultant and Dental Workgroup Lead for HPV Free Colorado where she develops and delivers training on HPV, the HPV vaccine, and HPV oropharyngeal cancer.  She is a board member and oral cancer screening coordinator for Colorado Mission of Mercy, Regional Coordinator and RDH Advisory Board member for The Oral Cancer Foundation, KOL for several dental companies, a published author in RDH Magazine,, and DentistryIQ.

In 2020 she received the Ethyl Covington Award from the Colorado Dental Hygiene Association/CODHA and in 2018 was a recipient of the Sunstar RDH Award of Distinction and CODHA Outstanding Contribution Award.  Susan founded

MAD (Make A Difference) for Healthy Smiles as a 2010-2011 member of Donny Osmond’s Make a Difference program, and received volunteer of the year from the Oral Cancer Foundation in 2011.

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As you are scheduling appointments next year, please leave May 11-12, 2023 open, so you can attend the 120th Annual Meeting of the Montana Dental Association to hear Susan Cotten.

Join us also for Dr. Gordon Christensen on Thursday, May 11 and Dr. Jason Goodchild on Friday, May 12.  We'll be based at the Hilton Garden Inn Missoula and have more exciting speakers to announce in the future.

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