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Meet the Awamori Maker
We are excited to announce that noted Awamori maker
Mr. Suangawa, owner of Taragawa Brewery in Okinawa, will join us for two full evenings in our restaurants. Come and meet the maker, explore our artisan Awamori and signature Awamori cocktails and learn about this amazing spirit from Okinawa, Japan, Yoshi’s homeland.
Izakaya Sushi Ran , San Francisco
Tuesday April 9th, 5:30pm - 10pm
Dinner reservations: 415 - 655 - 3738
Awamori cocktail
Sushi Ran , Sausalito
Wednesday, April 10th, 5pm - 10pm
Dinner reservations: 415 - 332 - 3620
Want to know more about Awamori? Read a great article in the Grey Report, where Sushi Ran owner Yoshi Tome was recently featured.  Grey Report Article
Outdoor Dining is Coming to Sushi Ran, Sausalito
Just in time for spring, Sushi Ran will be offering outdoor seating. Come and enjoy the start of spring with a great Sushi Ran meal, alfresco! Coming soon – watch our progress!
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Also coming soon – lunch on weekends at Sushi Ran, Sausalito
Starting this spring Sushi Ran will be open for lunch on weekends! Soon you can enjoy Sushi Ran’s fabulous lunch selection indoors and outdoors every day of the week.
New Menu Items at Izakaya Sushi Ran in San Francisco
Check out what’s new this spring at our Izakaya in the City. We continue to offer many Sushi Ran favorites, plus more great Japanese pub style small plates. Kanpai!
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