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July 2017 Newsletter
Bishop's Desk

Summer Re-Runs

With summer arriving it makes me think of some of the things that are part of our culture.  One of them relates to the reality that many shows will show us re-runs of the previous season.  This is interesting and helpful if you missed something along the way, but with shows on demand, many people don't need the broadcasters to do this for us.  We take care of it ourselves.

I appreciate the channels who plan for all twelve months of their broadcast year.  They prepare a series and while they are showing us that one, they are working on a completely different show to broadcast during the next time period, while others are showing re-runs.  This cycle continues and so most of the time they are sharing fresh material.
Sometimes we talk about a summer slump with church attendance and we may be tempted just to do "summer re-runs."  I encourage us to avoid this temptation.  The summer is a great time to plan and prepare for what happens at the church.

-           Plan a series based on questions you hear through the year
-           Survey your people and preach on the most requested topics
-           Work on a series based around current events and biblical instruction
-           Preach through a book of the Bible
-           You will think of many more ideas

Every season of the year is a significant time for us to be in the Word and to be working at applying it to our daily lives.  I encourage every preacher and teacher to give it your best.  The beauty is you are not alone.  Spirit will lead you into all truth.

Bishop Ken
In This Issue
Upcoming Ministry Development Days

August 10 and 11
The Meeting House - Carlisle Campus

Open Hands Ministries

A ministry of spiritual direction and faith coaching for pastors.

If you would like to learn more about spiritual direction or faith coaching, I am willing to pay for coffee, a breakfast or a lunch to explore their benefits for your ministry.  Please call or email me using the contact information below. Or visit our website,
Openhands.usIn the meantime, I am praying for you and your congregation.

Eldon Fry

July Installations

We are pleased for two installations taking place in July as Rob and Chris Douglass join the team with the Dillsburg Congregation and as Renee Durbin assumes the position of Pastor at Morning Hour Chapel where she previously served as Youth Pastor.  We welcome these new leaders to our senior pastor team in the conference.  Our prayers are with you.

Fall Ministry Development Day
Our MDD for this Fall is happening early!  It is taking place in concert with the Global Leadership Summit on August 10 and 11, at The Meeting House - Carlisle Campus.  All pastors received a special code for a discounted registration fee for this event.  You may use that code as often as you desire to make this training time available for you, your staff, and interested people within your congregation.  Don't delay.  The code is time sensitive.  Check the earlier email for all of the specifics or email

For more information about the Summit visit  
Renovate 2017 - September 24-26
In September we are planning for a Ministry Retreat for Church Staff and spouses at the Christian Retreat Center.  The dates are September 24 - 26.  We will begin after supper on Sunday and go through lunch on Tuesday.  Keep these dates clear on your calendar.  Further word will be coming soon.  The projected cost is $250.00 a couple for two nights lodging and five meals.  According to our work agreements this is a church budget expense for you as pastors.  Plan to participate.  Where does God want to "Renovate" things in our lives this year?

The Tide Worship Night - July 22

Join us on July 22nd at 7 pm for a night of Worship. For more information email Sarah at

Retired Pastors Luncheon
Save the Date! We will be having the Retired Pastors Luncheon on Thursday, September 28th. Pastor Mike Holland of the Hispanic LAE (BIC) Church in York Springs will be speaking. More information to come.

Theological Study Group
The next Theological Study Group will meet on Wednesday, October 11 at the Meeting House Carlisle from 9:00 am to 12 noon. The topic will be "Teaching about Homosexuality to a Generation That Does Not View It As Sinful." The presenters will be Mike Holland and Fred Miller. Those interested can register after September 1 by contacting Bob Verno at or 717-636-2169.
Directed Study Courses - Fall 2017

Registration for Fall Term DSP (August 21 - December 1) is now open.   The cost for each course is $150 for everyone.  
Core courses are now open for registration to all licensed and commissioned ministers as well as those who are pre-screened for seminary aid.
Even though registration is at no cost to you, it is necessary to register online at   

Impact seminar 

Impact seminar registration is open for one more 2017 Impact Seminar entitled "A Different Game of Thrones:  Imagining the Peaceable Kingdom Overcoming the Empire."  The seminar was held in six locations over the last few months.  A number of pastors expressed their desire to have more leaders from their churches attend.   Please register now for this seminar scheduled for September 28 at Revolution BIC in Salina, Kansas.
This seminar qualifies for Lifelong BIC Learning credit for our licensed and ordained ministers.  The cost of the seminar including lunch is $35.00 per attendee.
For further information and to register go to 
Brethren in Christ History and Values

August 14-16, 2017 at BIC U.S. Offices in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania
For further information and to register go to  
If you have any questions, contact Donna Sturr, Registrar at or 717.697.2634, ext. 5435.