October 23-31, 2023
"Be Kind To Your Mind. Live Drug Free."
Red Ribbon Week begins Monday, October 23rd and this year's theme is "Be Kind To Your Mind. Live Drug Free." As we prepare for Red Ribbon Week, we are sharing ideas for daily activities, as well as social media posts to utilize within your school community. Remember to send us pictures of what your students are doing for Red Ribbon Week, we will be sending out emails to highlight your activities.

We are excited for this year's What's Your Anti-Drug contest (Deadline is November 6th). A total of 55 winning entries will be published in the NJ Herald on December 10th.

Are you looking for additional ways to showcase entries? Here are some suggestions. Artwork students create can possibly be shared on social media and be utilized to decorate classroom doors. Students can create poetry or stories to share on social media or during morning announcements.
Sussex County's Youth Tobacco Action Group, is a youth-led action group focused on educating and mobilizing peers to take action in creating tobacco-free communities. This is a great opportunity for teens (ages 13-18) to be part of statewide campaigns, policy creation and education opportunities while developing networking skills, building resumes and receiving community service. Contact- Tania Bansemer to learn more about how to get your students involved!
Monday, October 23rd- Wear Red, Stop Drugs
Have students and staff wear red to bring awareness to substance misuse
As an activity to kick the celebration off, have students plant red flower bulbs which will bloom in the Spring, and serve as a reminder of the importance and the beauty of living a drug free life. Additionally, it provides a chance to enjoy the outdoors, connect with nature, take a break from daily stress and see the rewards of something beautiful you've nurtured.

The Center for Prevention and Counseling is excited to announce that we will be funding seven Sussex County Schools to participate in this project. If interested please fill out this application and send it back to Kaitlyn Decker.

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Tuesday, October 24th- Put the Cap on Drugs
Have students and staff wear caps or have crazy hair day.
Knowledge is power! We need to continually be teaching children about the effects of alcohol and other drugs. Check out this great Kahoot! from NIDA: National Institute on Drug Abuse for Teens and MIND MATTERS Series.

Are you in a High School?- Share information on Driver safety. Here is a letter that can be shared with students who receive a parking spot. We also have some more information on safe driving on our website.
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Wednesday, October 25th- Team Up Against Drugs
Have students and staff wear their favorite team jersey or apparel.
We all play a vital role in ending substance use disorders. It is important to remember that we are all part of a larger team that is working towards the same goal, to keep children healthy, safe and drug-free. Have students brainstorm ideas to bring awareness regarding substance use in their community or have students participate in the annual
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Thursday, October 28th- I'm TOO Bright to Do Drugs
Have students and staff wear neon colors.
Saying no to drugs is not an easy task for all children. One way to keep them away from drugs is to educate them and provide the right messaging. Check out this easy lesson plan from Natural High for Red Ribbon Week. Each lesson has a video, discussion, and engaging activity component.

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Friday, October 29th- Sock it to Drugs!
Have students and staff show off their craziest socks.
Many times we are tricked by advertisements that give us the wrong message. Assist students in developing an awareness of how advertisers, including alcohol, tobacco and e-cigarette companies manipulate ads to try and entice people to buy their products. For a lesson plan, check out the Stanford Marijuana Lesson 4 that discusses marijuana advertisements which provides a PowerPoint and supplemental talking points.

Check out the Truth Initiative's new youth prevention and education campaign "Breath of Stress Air" videos to end youth vaping.
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