Week of Respect is an opportunity for New Jersey schools to focus on building and supporting positive school climates for students, staff, and your school community!

This is an excellent opportunity to kick-start year-long campaigns and initiatives. The Center for Prevention and Counseling has provided daily themes, social media posts and projects that are easy for Sussex County schools to replicate during Week of Respect.
Remember to send us pictures of what your students and staff are doing and we will share your success on social media!

Blue Shirt Day- Better Together!
Monday, October 2nd
Blue Shirt Day, World Day of Bullying Prevention is a national initiative held on the first Monday of October. STOMP Out Bullying created this exciting initiative where people are asked to wear a blue shirt in an effort to join together in solidarity to stop bullying and cyberbullying.

Help drive awareness of anti-bullying programs and STOMP Out Bullying in your community!

#BeKind #BlueUp #BlueShirtDay

Social Media Post

Be the friend you want! Say NO to spreading rumors, gossip, or leaving others out. Instead, share a smile or a friendly greeting. A small act of kindness can create ripple effect.


Put the "I" in KIND
Ask students and staff to wear their favorite colors to show off their individuality!

Tuesday, October 3rd

Promote respect for others by teaching your students about Random Acts of Kindness. These simple tasks include smiling at someone, giving someone a compliment, visiting a sick friend or sharing a snack. All of these tasks are easy and quick to complete.

Recognize students for their acts of kindness by creating a kindness chain or certificates. Need help coming up with some random acts of kindness projects?

Social Media Post

School is a Safe Place to Be Yourself!
Show Off Your Uniqueness: Ask students and staff to sport their wackiest hairstyle.

Wednesday, October 4th
Allow children to look forward to being in an encouraging environment that promotes social and creative learning and embraces everyone to be themselves. Rejoice in what makes us each wonderful and different! Students and faculty have the option to display and celebrate differences.

Check out StompOut Bullying's #SeeMe Campaign

Social Media Post

Stronger as a Team!
United we stand! Team up against bullying by having everyone wear their school spirit or favorite team jersey.

Thursday, October 5th
Bullying can happen anywhere. Educate your students on what it takes to be an upstander. Encourage students, staff, and community members to take the pledge to create a world without bullying through kindness, acceptance and inclusion. Check out this great information on Teens Against Bullying.

The Science of Kindness

Help. Encourage. Respect. Others.
Ask students and staff to dress up as their favorite superhero.

Friday, October 6th
As a school, you are part of a greater community. Help your students learn to respect the community they live in by completing a service project. Collect donations for the local food pantry, write thank you letters to local first responders, or create decorations for the local nursing home.

Social Media Post

Parents, caregivers, and school personnel can make a positive impact by educating young people about #mentalhealth and modeling healthy social media use. Learn more about youth and mental health from Mental Health America.
Alternate Ideas
Stomp out Bullying:
Wear crazy or mismatched socks!
Inside Out Day: Wear Your Favorite T-Shirt Backwards or Inside Out
Lesson Plans/Resources
Check out this Kindness Toolkit for activities like: Kindness Coloring Pages, Kindness Bingo, Kindness Calendars, Bookmarks and More!
Week of Respect Challenge:
Have students try to accomplish one of the activities list below:
  • Share something positive on social media
  • Create a positive affirmation card to use when feeling upset
  • Pick up 10 pieces of trash seen around school and throw it out
  • Slip a nice note into your friends backpack or locker
  • Say hello to student you've never meet and ask their name
  • Eat lunch with someone new
  • Hold the door for a stranger
Week of Respect Goal: Provide students with a safe and supportive school environment devoid of harassment, intimidation and bullying (HIB) encourages academic success and increased social and emotional competence. - NJ Department of Education
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