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2018 Energy Code Updates
January 16, 2017                                   
Volume 9, Number 1 
From the Editor
Happy New Year! As I look toward to the coming year I think 2017 looks to be a little different from recent years with regard to sustainability and related activities. The interest in LEED certification seems to have waned a bit, while resiliency seems to be on everyone's agenda. With a broad scope and many different definitions, resiliency opens the door to discussion of a variety of topics, many with a regional focus. Masonry construction continues to offer many solutions in meeting resilient requirements. In the area of codes, the final push to complete the 2017 ASHRAE 189.1 standard on high performing green buildings wraps up in the first half of the year. While not yet finalized, look for changes in many areas including acoustic requirements, access paths to public transportation, views and glare control and more. This edition will also form the sole technical content of the 2018 International Green Construction Code (IgCC) for the first time. And of course, building product transparency continues to be a hot topic. Many manufacturers have begun or completed work on Health Product Declarations (HPD) and as more product category rules come online, manufacturers are beginning efforts to develop environmental product declarations (EPD).
The challenge for designers is how to integrate this wide swath of information in the process of design. Both the scope of topics to consider and the building product information available have expanded widely. An important point to contemplate in this process is to remember the triple bottom line of sustainability - consideration for economics, society and the environment - as you weigh the pros and cons of each design strategy and goal. A difficult task to be sure! I wish you good luck in the process!
Christine "Tina" Subasic, PE, LEED AP        
NOTE: Inclusion in this newsletter is not an endorsement of the products and materials featured, nor have these products been evaluated by TMS or the editor. Furthermore, the views expressed in the articles featured are those of the article authors.
The 2018 Energy Code is largely complete and the link below highlights some of the most pertinent changes. ~Tina
What are the Ramifications of the 2018 Energy Code?
For the most part, the recently approved building energy code will uphold efficiency gains from recent years. Read more.

Passive House is "In" for 2017
As you consider what's "in" and what's "out" in 2017, within the realm of green building, Passive House is in. It is not controversial to accept that a strategy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from buildings at low cost, while also improving occupant comfort, is to improve the thermal performance of the building envelope. And now more and more commercial buildings are exploring this alternative according to this article.
Concerns Expressed About Trump's Effect on Green Building
President-elect Donald Trump has expressed his opposition to green building construction, and that has raised some concerns. However, much of that which affects green building comes from policies and codes set at the local level. Read more.
I included the link below because it addresses requirements on existing building owners to address their storm water runoff. In this case, it is in Detroit - but the solution, which can include using permeable masonry pavements, can be applied anywhere. ~Tina
Detroit Property Owners Plan on Green Infrastructure to Save on Water Bills
Model D
DWSD is transitioning to a system in which customers are charged a fee based on the area of the impervious surface, such as concrete, pavement, and rooftop, located on their parcel. The new fee structure charges $750 per impervious acre per month for each parcel according to this article.

GreenBuild Proposal Deadline Extended
Submit a proposal to share your knowledge at Greenbuild in Boston from Nov. 8-10. The call for proposals for has been extended to Tuesday, Jan. 17. Learn more and submit a proposal.
Register today to attend The Sustainability Summit 2017 for Free
The Sustainability Summit is a large-scale conference, exhibition and networking event, taking place as part of New York Build. The Summit explores government initiatives for supporting sustainability in the built environment, sustainable materials, technology and best practice, and the future of sustainability in the build environment. Register here.
Papers are invited for Symposium on Masonry Innovations in Collaborative Research, Development and Applications
Papers are invited for the ASTM symposium Masonry 2018: Innovations in Collaborative Research, Development and Applications, to be held June 26, 2018 at the Sheraton San Diego Hotel & Marina in San Diego, California. The symposium is being co-sponsored by ASTM International Committees C01 on Cement, C07 on Lime, C12 on Mortars and Grouts for Unit Masonry, and C15 on Manufactured Masonry Units, and will be held in conjunction with the standards development meetings of the committees. To participate in the symposium, presenters/authors must submit a 250-300 word preliminary abstract at by April 21, 2017.
BIM-Masonry Symposium Announced
The BIM-M Executive Committee is pleased to announce the 2017 BIM-M Symposium for May 4-5, 2017. It will be held at the IMI District Training Center just outside Chicago. The 2017 BIM-M Symposium will highlight completed and on-going projects for BIM users.  While both symposium days will be valuable for all masonry BIM users, May 4 will emphasize Designers and May 5 will emphasize Contractors.   Architects, engineers, contractors and manufacturers will be treated to products and techniques to simplify design, detailing and collaboration with masonry.  Further details and registration information will be forth coming on the BIMM web site (        

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