Sustainable Travelers Spend More
Additional headlines from the Sustainable Traveler Study Include:

  • More than half of sustainable travelers say that sustainable practices at the destination were a driver of destination choice compared to only 8% of all others.
  • Sustainable travelers spend on average $1,750 versus $1,154 of all other general leisure travelers. 
  • Recycling is a key positive for all travelers, but sustainable travelers are significantly more likely to engage in other sustainable practices like water conservation, donations and purchasing organic food products. Twice as many buy or avoid products because of environmental or worker company policies.
This in-depth report on the role of sustainability in travel...
  • Helps the industry to better understand how travelers define sustainable tourism and how they incorporate it into their travel decisions and behaviours. 
  • Enables corporations and destinations to  appropriately message their sustainability efforts. 
  • Generates in-depth and insightful analysis on the value, demand and return on investment of sustainability.
  • Provides insights that demonstrate to investors how your sustainability efforts favorably impact the organization's long-term value
*Report price is $495.00

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