Issue Number 25 | March 2018
   Pulp, Paper and Pancakes
March marks the time of year when maple trees are tapped to create maple syrup. With selective harvests of the sugar maple trees surrounding Domtar's Windsor, Quebec mill happening approximately once every 20 years, it only made sense to find creative uses for the forest in the meantime. Learn about the innovative partnership with local syrup producers that is driving long-term sustainability.
With International Day of Forests being celebrated this month, it's worth remembering that trees provide not only environmental benefits, but economic ones as well. In fact, the forest products industry is critical to both the U.S. and Canadian economies, and is often the lifeblood of many rural communities. Find out more about the often-overlooked financial impacts of forests.
   Farm-to-Table for Your Paper 
Studies show that today's customers want to know more than ever about the products they use, as seen by the popular farm-to-table movement. Still consumers rarely get more than a "Made in (insert country name here)" statement from the manufacturer. The Paper Trail was recently updated to include more products, more impact data and more details on the origins of Domtar's pulp and paper products, meeting the market's evolving needs for supply chain transparency

Live Green In 2018