Monthly Newsletter
November 2020
Native American Heritage Month
Sarah Sense, Weaving Water, No. 30, 2013. Archival laser prints, bamboo paper, maps, artist tape, 12” x 17”. Shown courtesy of the artist as the featured image on the website and poster for the April 2019 conference “Indigenous/Settler” at Princeton. The conference aimed to examine methods for thinking across geographies, building alliances, and fighting settler colonialism at large without abandoning attention to specific histories and struggles.
Native American and Indigenous Studies Initiative at Princeton (NAISIP)
This past summer, in response to growing interest in Indigenous scholarship and resources, Professor of English and American Studies, Sarah Rivett, spearheaded the creation of an Indigenous Studies website, together with Jessica Lambert '22 (Choctaw Nation), Keely Toledo '22 (Navajo Nation), and support from the Program in American Studies.

Building an Indigenous studies community at Princeton
by Jessica Lambert, Class of 2022

Students, faculty and staff at Princeton University are joining together around their shared interests to promote Indigenous scholarship and make the University more welcoming for Indigenous students.
Campus News & Announcements
Major High Meadows gift renames Princeton Environmental Institute
The High Meadows Foundation, a philanthropic organization co-founded by Judy and Carl Ferenbach III, a member of the Class of 1964, has made a transformative gift to Princeton University that will support environmental research and educational initiatives through the Princeton Environmental Institute (PEI), the University’s interdisciplinary center for environmental research, education and outreach. PEI has been renamed the High Meadows Environmental Institute (HMEI).
Capturing the momentum: Princeton’s environmental research gathered, connected and shared
Environmental challenges have galvanized activity across Princeton’s campus in recent years like few other issues in our history. From physical, biological, and applied sciences to art, architecture, psychology, policy and more: research groups across the University are tackling some of the toughest problems facing humanity with the fullest range of toolkits. 
To capture the imposing volume of work and to share the remarkable legacy it is built upon, the University has launched a new digital initiative. A flagship website — Princeton Environmental Research: A Half-Century at the Forefront — will serve as a single portal for non-expert users to more easily access and smoothly navigate the full scope of research activity arising out of more than a dozen different academic units.
Student News
Wintersession 2021 Offerings
Wintersession is a two-week experience for Princeton University community members to experiment and explore through unexpected, active and intriguing non-graded learning and growth opportunities. Undergraduate and graduate students can register for Wintersession workshops from November 9 - 20, 2020. Staff and faculty can register from November 16 - 20, 2020.

The Office of Sustainability is pleased to host the following two Wintersession workshops:
Environmental Justice: What Can I Do?
January 25-29, 1-3pm EST
Climate Emotions, Environmental Justice, & Student Mentorship
January 19 and 21, 3-5pm EST
Course Spotlight:
ENV 327: Investigating an Ethos of Sustainability at Princeton
Spring Term course selection is right around the corner! Check out this class taught by our own Director, Dr. Shana Weber.

Course Description: Addressing global ecological and societal degradation depends on humanity practicing regenerative, or reciprocal, relationships with nature. Evidence suggests that we are collectively capable of producing restorative technological, behavioral, and social solutions, but they must be applied holistically across all human actions at every scale. We explore sustainability challenges in the context of ethics, justice, and behavioral psychology, including visits with experts, and survey-based investigations on campus. Students will be presented with real-time decision-making needs at Princeton, with an opportunity to influence those decisions.
Tigers Go Green Blog Highlights
Sustainable Meals for Busy Students - series created by student group, Greening Dining

Good News Fridays curated by Grace Liu '23 and Camellia Moors '22

Why I Vote curated by Grace Liu '23 and Marissa Mejia '23

It’s Hard to Be Green Right Now by Wesley Wiggins '21

Tigers Go Green is a sustainability news and information platform curated by the Office of Sustainability and Princeton’s EcoReps. TGG covers campus, local, national and global sustainability stories and shares information for readers to take action on any scale. Interested in contributing to Tigers Go Green? Contact the Blog Editors!
Local News
Photo: Reena Rose Sibayan, The Jersey Journal
Plastic bags banned in N.J. as Murphy signs new law
The Garden State is about to get a lot cleaner, thanks to the newly-adopted Plastic Pollution Reduction Act. Governor Murphy signed into law what is considered to be one of the toughest plastics legislation in the country, banning many businesses from providing single-use plastic bags, polystyrene food containers, plastic straws, and paper bags in New Jersey. In order to provide time for businesses to adjust, most of this ban will not take effect until 2022.
Your Favorite Spot
Welcome to “Your Favorite Spot,” the video series where Princeton University students, faculty and staff write about their favorite outdoor spot on campus and, through the magic of video, we transport you there. Watch our two newest videos:

Our second letter comes from Jessica Chen '22, a Structural Engineering major from Fremont, CA who wrote to us about the Prospect House garden.

We had two letters about Forbes Backyard from Jenni Lawson ‘23, a Computer Science major from Tampa, FL and Warren Yuan ’22, a Civil and Environmental Engineering major from Arcadia, CA.

This series is narrated by Claire Wayner '22 and videos are produced by Jared Flesher.
Explore Nature
In Part Four of our "Explore Nature" video series, we bring you to Greenway Meadows Park. Greenway Meadows is home to the Scott and Hella McVay Poetry Trail, featuring dozens of works of poetry with connections to nature. You'll also find walking paths, playgrounds, picnic areas, playing fields and public restrooms. This 55-acre tract of preserved land was once part of the estate of Robert Wood Johnson.

“Explore Nature” features local wooded areas within a few miles of Princeton’s campus. Whether you're on campus or remote, we hope these videos are able to transport you to these natural areas and enjoy nature wherever you are! Videos are produced by Jared Flesher.
Princeton Sustainability Committee Meeting
Tuesday, November 17, 2020
12:00 PM – 1:15 PM EDT
Virtual Zoom meeting

The second Princeton Sustainability Committee (PSC) meeting of the academic year will be a presentation on Princeton’s Campus Mobility Framework. The presentation will be given by Kim Jackson, Director, Transportation & Parking Services, Charles Tennyson, Deputy Director, Transportation & Parking Services and Amanda Stevens, Commute Options Manager, Transportation & Parking Services.

Presenting Princeton’s Campus Mobility Framework
As more students, staff, and faculty are able to safely return to campus, they will notice some exciting changes from Transportation and Parking Services (TPS). In August, TPS completed a year-long, campus-wide effort to reimagine transportation at Princeton. We collaborated with leading consultants in transportation and engaged the campus community to help us plan the next generation of TigerTransit, including shared services like bikeshare and carshare. Maintaining biking a walking as primary modes of travel was a major focus including travel from expanded campus locations.  

PSC meetings are open to all Princeton students, faculty and staff and are hosted by the Office of Sustainability.

Advanced registration is required.
Event Archives
Due to the virtual nature of this semester, many events have been recorded and are available for public viewing. We invite you to catch up on any virtual events you may have missed! Below you will find video archives from The Center for Policy Research on Energy and the Environment (C-PREE) and High Meadows Environmental Institute (HMEI).