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November 21, 2016
Luther students head to Cannon Ball, ND to stand against Dakota Access Pipeline
In light of the recent Dakota Access Pipeline protests against a 1,172 mile pipeline from North Dakota to Illinois, Luther students have taken action to stand in solidarity with the Standing Rock Sioux tribe. Several students will spend their Thanksgiving Break in Cannon Ball, North Dakota, to protest the pipeline, and to provide support for the tribes who are defending their land that is threatened by the oil industry. The primary focus of the trip is standing in solidarity with a historically oppressed and marginalized people, and also to bring supplies to people who are staging long-term protests. The group is collecting donations in the Luther College Campus Ministries Office in the CFL, as well as on their GoFundMe page
Tips for a sustainable Thanksgiving
The Center for Sustainable Communities would like to share some tips to help you and your family have a sustainable Thanksgiving celebration this year. 
  1. Compost your food scraps: You can freeze and save your Thanksgiving leftovers, but make sure you are disposing of food scraps to reduce food waste!
  2. Avoid paper and plastic tableware: Avoid eating your meal off paper plates with plastic silverware because they cannot be recycled. Even if you have a big crowd, hit up your local thrift store for another set of gently used, reusable tableware!
  3. Clean green: When it comes time to clean up after a big Thanksgiving Day celebration, make sure you are using cleaning products that won't harm the environment, or your guests. Look for green cleaning products with basic ingredients at your local store!
  4. Go local on Black Friday: If you are partaking in shopping on Black Friday, shop at small, locally owned stores! Not only will you find more unique gifts, but supporting small businesses will help your local economy more than big box stores!
Schulte completes Outdoor and Environmental Education fellowship
Following the completion of her fellowship, the Center for Sustainable Communities would like to thank Outdoor and Environmental Education fellow Allison Schulte for her dedication and commitment t0 Luther College and the Decorah community. During the fellowship, Schulte planned and managed the Pre-College Environmental Studies Program, supervised Discovery Camps, and helped plan and guide First Year Immersion Trips.   Schulte will be substitute teaching in Mankato, MN while applying for graduate teaching programs. The Center's fellowship program is funded through the Margaret A. Cargill grant that was received in 2012. Thank you Allison for your hard work and contributions to educating the next generation of environmentalists!
Sustainability seeking Marketing and Communications student worker
The Center for Sustainable Communities is seeking a work study student to carry out the job of the Marketing and Communications Coordinator for the 2017-2018 academic year. The Center is seeking preferably a first year or sophomore with an interest or experience in marketing and communications work, and who is interested in furthering the sustainability efforts of Luther College. The student hired for this job will start training in the Spring of 2016 with the current coordinator.  Students interested in the position should apply by Sunday, November 27th via the  Sustainability Work Study Application . Read the job description for the Marketing and Communications Coordinator. 
Sustainability Tip
If it takes 7 years for your stomach to break down a piece of gum, how long do you think it takes a compost pile to do the same? The answer is: too long! Did you know that gum is not a compostable food item? When products like gum are placed in composting bins, it interferes with the natural break down process of other food that can be composted! Next time you are done with your gum, please place it in the trash or landfill bin! Please refer to the signage on campus to know what can and cannot be composted!
Questions or comments?
The Center for Sustainable Communities is always looking for ways to improve our publications and incorporate more information for our stakeholders. If you have any questions, concerns, general comments, or story ideas for future newsletters, please email at any time. Thank you!
This newsletter is provided by the Center for Sustainable Communities, which coordinates all sustainability initiatives at Luther College.  The mission of the Center is to promote sustainability and be a catalyst for change on campus and in the region.  For more information on sustainability initiatives at Luther and the outreach work of the Center for Sustainable Communities, please visit:
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Wednesday, November 23th
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Student Spotlight
Nathan Campbell '18

Nathan is a junior Chemistry major from Elk River, Minnesota. Nathan serves the Center for Sustainable Communities as an Energy Educator; he was inspired to get involved with the Center after hearing about all the improvements that were going on on campus last year. His job involves learning and educating others about ways to responsibly consume energy while conserving natural resources. "My favorite part of working for the Center is having the platform to make positive changes to the campus regarding infrastructure and behavior. I hope that, because of my efforts as an Energy Educatormore Luther students will graduate prepared to live consciously about how they use the earth's resources."
Managing Director- Civil Eats
Civil Eats is looking for an experienced freelance managing editor to provide some oversight to Civil Eats' daily publishing operations and the editorial calendar.  The managing director will collaborate closely with the editor-in-chief, a rotating stable of freelance writers, and a part-time associate editor.  Read more
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