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October 9th, 2017
Local food, local impacts
When you dine at Luther College, chances are that some part of your meal came from a local farm. As a matter of fact, last year 26% of all food and beverages served on campus were locally produced. As one of the largest purchasers of food in the region, we are in a position to play a significant role in the development of a regional food system. We take pride in our ability to support local producers and our chefs have fun featuring the abundance delivered by the Luther Gardens, Iowa Food Hub and others. Northeast Iowa is increasingly agriculturally diverse and offers a variety of foods that our chefs enjoy incorporating into their menus. Here's a little taste of what you might find when you eat a meal at Luther College this Fall:
  • Luther Gardens - cherry tomatoes, slicing tomatoes, red peppers, eggplant, spinach, rutabaga, green beans, fennel, basil, squash
  • Impact Coffee - okay, we know that coffee can't be grown in Northeast Iowa but what's a college campus without coffee? Impact Coffee roasts fair trade coffee beans lovingly right in our backyard and keeps us all buzzing throughout the week!
  • Iowa Food Hub - pork, melons, vegetables
  • Ferndale Market - antibiotic-free, free range turkey
  • Country View Dairy - yogurt
  • WW Homestead Dairy - milk, soft serve, hard ice cream, butter, cheese curds
Going home for break? Carpool or take the shuttle!
Have you thought about how you are getting home or to your destination for Fall Break? Luther offers two great services that can help cut down on the number of cars on the road. The Luther College Ridesharing Facebook group allows you to post if you need a ride, or are able to offer a ride. In addition, you can purchase a ticket for the Luther College shuttle bus that takes students to various locations in the Upper Midwest at the beginning and end of each break. Make sure to get your tickets early - no sales will be made 24 hours before the departure time! These options not only cut down on air pollution and the number of cars on the road, but provide students with friends and memories. Stay safe and sustainable on your journeys!
Warren McKenna to kick off Decorah Power Learning Series
Decorah Power, a non-profit citizens group investigating the formation of a Decorah Municipal Electric Utility, invites you to learn how solar, wind, and diesel backup are serving customers of the locally-owned utility based near Kalona, Iowa. 

On Monday, October 9th Warren McKenna, Manager of Farmers Electric Co-op in Kalona, will present at Noon at the Decorah City Hall and again at 7pm at Luther College in Valders 367. Warren McKenna is the manager of Farmers Electric Co-op in Kalona. McKenna joined Farmers Electric Cooperative in 1992 and has helped make the co-op an innovator in renewable energy, establishing a goal of generating 15 percent of the community's power from renewable sources by 2025. In order to achieve this goal, the cooperative built two solar farms and has convinced over 130 of their customers to buy solar! McKenna and Farmers Electric Cooperative have received national recognition from the Solar Energy Power Association (SEPA).

In addition to sharing information about the co-op's success with solar projects, McKenna will talk about how consumer-owned utilities like rural electric co-ops and municipal electric utilities access regional energy markets, and ensure very high reliability. Farmers Electric Co-op buys large amounts of Iowa wind energy through collaboration with other consumer-owned utilities. The co-op also has achieved very high reliability while serving a very geographically diverse set of rural and community customers.

This presentation is part of Decorah Power's Learning Series - a series of events to help the community better understand the opportunities and challenges that would be involved in a Decorah municipal utility.
More info about the learning series.

UMACS Conference report
On September 29th and 30th, Luther faculty, staff and students attended the Upper Midwest Association for Campus Sustainability (UMACS) 2017 conference. UMACS believes that colleges and universities are in a unique position to shape the future of our world and become leaders of a generation that will turn the tide toward a sustainable future. UMACS holds bi-annual conferences where Luther, along with thirty-five other campuses, are invited to learn and share experiences of sustainable initiatives and goals that their school is striving towards. This conference's theme was "Resilience, Resolve, and Renewal: Redefining the 3Rs of Sustainability," and was held at Central College in Pella, Iowa. Luther College was one of several dozen campuses in attendance. It was a weekend of learning and networking for all involved. As Forrest Stewart ('19) points out, hearing about other campuses' success "puts lofty goals more in focus and as more of a possible reality" than previously believed. Luther Waste Educators Liam Fraser ('18) and Megan Oliver ('19) presented during one of the breakout sessions on Luther's successes and goals in regards to waste reduction. Liam notes that "I t was exciting to share our story with a room full of students, faculty, and staff members from campuses throughout the region. There were many interesting questions and I hope others can benefit from our presentation just as Luther will benefit from what the rest of us heard in other sessions." Overall, the Luther representatives found the networking and story-telling of the weekend encouraging and helpful. There were a lot of great ideas and projects presented, giving students new ideas and motivation to implement positive change here at Luther College.
Sustainability Tip
October is National Campus Sustainability Month! The Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education, AASHE, has teamed up with Colgate to focus on water conservation.  Colgate is working with global ambassador Michael Phelps to inspire students to save water through the #EveryDropCounts pledge, a commitment to turn off the faucet when brushing teeth. Did you know that you can save up to 8 gallons of water every day simply by pledging to turn off the faucet when you brush your teeth?Over 46,000 people have already taken the pledge, saving more than 370,000 gallons of water every day. Add your name and help this number grow throughout October. Remember, #EveryDropCounts! 
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This newsletter is provided by the Center for Sustainable Communities, which coordinates all sustainability initiatives at Luther College.  The mission of the Center is to promote sustainability and be a catalyst for change on campus and in the region.  For more information on sustainability initiatives at Luther and the outreach work of the Center for Sustainable Communities, please visit:
Upcoming Events
Monday, October 9th
"Solar, Wind, and Diesel Backup: an Iowa Co-op blazing trails in energy markets and customer service"
Tuesday, October 10th 
Land Use Committee Meeting 
Tuesday, October 10th 
Energy and Water Task Group Meeting 
The Energy and Water Task Group promotes sustainability by looking at Luther's  energy  and water usage and seeking ways to reduce the use of these resources . All are welcome.
Wednesday, October 11th 
Sophomore Study Away Forum 
Thursday, October 12th 
Learn About Decorah Power 
Saturday, October 14th 
Harvest Festival at Seed Savers
Tuesday, October 17th 
"Small Community, Big Impact"
Saturday, October 21st 
International Fashion Show
Student Spotlight
Kristina Johnson
Kristina Johnson '18

Kristina is a senior Environmental Studies major with a Religion minor from Rochester, Minnesota. She serves as a student Cafeteria to Community Coordinator for the Center for Sustainable Communities. Kristina first got involved with Sustainability her freshman year, when she was placed in the Luther Gardens and Cafeteria to Community programsfor her work-study. She came into Luther with a passion and love for all things that are outdoors and/environmentally conscious, and working with Sustainability has helped her bring her action to her passion. Kristina's favorite part about her job is meeting all of the people she works with. She enjoys how everybody shares a goal of bettering the environment even though they all come from very diverse majors and backgrounds. Learn more about Luther's Cafeteria to Community program and how you can help Kristina and others pack food for those in need!
Conservation Ecologist & Land Protection Specialist - Linn County, Iowa
Linn County is looking for a natural resource ecologist to plan and administer conservation efforts and land protection within and around the county.  Read more
Deli Manager - Driftless Market  
The Driftless Market in Platteville, Wisconsin is seeking a head chef and deli manager to serve in their local foods grocery store and lunch hot spot!  Read more
Sustainability Manager - University of St. Thomas 
The University of St. Thomas is currently accepting applications for a Sustainability manager to lead and coordinate sustainable initiatives at the college Read more
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