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August 15, 2016
 Pakistani Students Visit Luther
Education USA brought a group of twenty-four Pakistani high school students to Luther for a three-day exploration of environmental studies. These students were a part of a larger program that toured five colleges, each of which highlighted different aspects of higher education. Luther kicked off this tour and focused on the benefits of a Liberal Arts education. This tour was a partnership between the Center for Sustainable Communities and the Global Learning Center, which explored various career pathways and how they can work within a Liberal Arts education system.
Students had the opportunity to work with several Luther staff members to examine environmental studies through various lenses. Jon Jensen, Associate Professor of Philosophy and Environmental Studies, spoke about community influence in environmental decision making. Biology professors Eric Baack and Kirk Larsen took students through their research projects, microbiology and bacterial testing, and butterflies and pollinator habitats, respectively.
A portion of their stay was also focused on comparing and contrasting the ecosystems and overall environment of Pakistan and Iowa. Students were able to experience Iowa firsthand through a camping trip to Pine Bluff campground and a day trip where they were able to conduct water quality testing.
Pre-College Environmental Studies Program 

Eleven high school students from across the country spent a week at Luther learning about community influence in environmental decision making. Students took a variety of classes from Luther staff, including Jeff Wilkerson, Brad Chamberlain, Eric Baack, John Moeller, Jodi Enos (right), Jane Hawley, Lea Lovelace, and Laura Peterson. They discussed topics such as environmental ethics and policy making, chemistry, and so much more. Students also had the chan ce to study ornithology on the Mississippi River and complete an art project, where students were able to create a message to be displayed on a t-shirt (left). Along with attending classes and conducting field exploration, students also practiced team building and leadership exercises.
Sustainability Tip
Unplug your electronics when they are not in use! Many  devices still continue to consume energy even when they are turned off. An easy way to monitor this is to plug multiple electronics into a surge protector and turn the entire thing off before when you leave your room. Common culprits are TVs, desk lamps, fans, and laptop and phone chargers. Turning off unused electronics is also a great time to remind ourselves to turn off the lights when we leave a room, too!  

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This newsletter is provided by the Center for Sustainable Communities, which coordinates all sustainability initiatives at Luther College.  The mission of the Center is to promote sustainability and be a catalyst for change on campus and in the region.  For more information on sustainability initiatives at Luther and the outreach work of the Center for Sustainable Communities, please visit:
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Faculty Spotlight
Arianna Cocallas,
Energy and Waste Fellow

Arianna was born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska. She is a recent graduate of Beloit College in Southern Wisconsin, where she studied Environmental Geology.  Her work in sustainability began as a Sustainability Fellow studying energy conservation within Beloit College's Facilities Department, which she continued throughout college.

Through this position, Arianna will work to conserve energy and reduce waste by engaging students, staff, and faculty through outreach, programming, and research. She also will manage a variety of student worker throughout the office, who work on improving campus sustainability around energy, waste, and transportation. She is excited to be returning to a Midwestern college and providing students with the opportunity to engage meaningfully with sustainability.

In her free time, Arianna has enjoyed cooking dinner for a vegetarian cooking cooperative. She also currently enjoys biking, and is excited to be in an area where there is vertical gain on trails and roads.

If you have any questions about her work, or are looking for Alaskan travel recommendations, feel free to contact her at 
A variety of academic year sustainability work study positions are available now. Open positions include garden crew, recycling and composting crew, Cafeteria to Community coordinator, shopping shuttle driver, and many more. 
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The horticulture agent will have a focused role to strengthen and facilitate working relationships within the local food system from supply to demand. The agent will assist farmers through the planning, execution, and evaluation of programs addressing production, post harvest management, and marketing systems for locally grown produce. 
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This is a seasonal shared wildlife and park areas management internship, that will assist both the Wildlife Area Manager and Outdoor Recreation Area Manager with aspects of management activities directed toward county owned areas. 
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Plant Community Ecology Technician; East Bethel, MN  
The Cedar Creek Ecosystem Science Reserve of the University of Minnesota has opportunities for fall field technician positions in plant community ecology. Read more 
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