February 2024, City of Mill Valley & Town of Tiburon

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Sustainability Open Hours

Tuesdays 9am - 11am

Have questions or want to share comments about sustainability initiatives in Mill Valley or Tiburon? Come speak to the Climate Action Coordinator during virtual open hours! They will operate on a first come first serve basis and be held weekly via Zoom.

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Navigating SB 1383 and the Reusable Foodware Ordinance In Person Program at Mill Valley Library

February 28th 6:30pm - 7:30pm

Join us for an informative session where Mill Valley's Climate Action Coordinator will delve into the intricacies of California's composting regulations under SB 1383 and the new Reusable Foodware Ordinance. Discover what these regulations mean for residents and businesses alike, as we unravel the key components and implications for sustainable living and waste reduction. We will guide you through the steps to comply with SB 1383, explore the benefits of embracing reusable foodware, and provide practical insights to help our community contribute to a greener, more environmentally conscious California.

Don't miss this opportunity to stay informed and take an active role in shaping a sustainable future for Mill Valley!

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Grateful Planet: A 10-Year-Old's Vision for a Cleaner World

Meet 10-year-old environmental advocate Kiana, the brains behind Grateful Planet, a remarkable trash pickup initiative in Tiburon. With her infectious enthusiasm, Kiana is rallying the community to join the cause, proving that small hands can make a big impact in creating a cleaner, greener future for us all.

Read more about Grateful Planet and Kiana

Grateful Planet volunteers outside with trash bags and trash pickers

Zero Emissions Landscaping

Beginning 2024, California will ban the sales of new gas-powered tools under 25 horsepower. Many towns and cities in Marin already have their own small engine ban:

Mill Valley: Ban on all gas powered leaf blowers

Tiburon: Ban on all gas powered leaf blowers and gas powered hedge trimmers

Are you a business or contractor? Apply for a tool voucher through the Clean Off-Road Equipment (CORE) voucher incentive project. This fund will provide small businesses (100 employees or less) with up to $25,000 in tool and battery vouchers. 

Woman using battery powered leaf blower on pile of leaves

Rebates for Collecting Rainwater for Reuse

Rainwater harvesting is the practice of collecting rainwater from rooftops and storing it for later use. This practice can reduce potable water use while also helping to limit erosion and polluted runoff that harm our creeks. Just one inch of rain on a 1,000 square-foot roof produces 600 gallons of runoff. Remember, rainwater harvesting systems and roof gutters should be cleaned seasonally.

Marin Water offers up to 50 cents per gallon of storage, not to exceed actual cost. Total rebates for rain barrels and cisterns may not exceed $1,000 per site.

Learn more about this program

Marin Sustainability Tracker

Are you familiar with the Marin Sustainability Tracker? This tool from the Marin Climate and Energy Partnership (MCEP) is an interactive map that shows how each jurisdiction is doing in terms of sustainable development. It covers categories such as energy, transportation, green house gas emissions, waste, and water.

Check out the tracker here

Sustainability Tip of the Month

 Give Mother Earth a Big Hug This Valentine's Day!

There are so many ways to show your love to Mother Earth this February! Treat yourself and your loved ones this Valentine's Day while keeping the planet at the heart of your plans. 

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February Events

February 3rd | 1pm - 2:30pm

Climate Justice, Community, and Equity, how to cut emissions while addressing human rights and social inequality. See more and register for the virtual event

February 7th | 10am - 12pm

Report on Plan Bay Area 2050, presented by Marin Conservation League with guest speaker Michael Germeraad. Sign up for the Zoom meeting

February 7th | 10am - 11am

Built This Way: why residential and commercial buildings are key to addressing climate change, presented by Project Drawdown. Register for the virtual webinar

February 8th | 3pm - 5pm

Improving Fuel Breaks, Prescribed Fire, and Monitoring Vegetation Treatment Effects, presented by Marin Conservation League. Sign up for the Zoom meeting

February 13th | 10am - 11am

2024 State Climate Policy Trends: What's on the Horizon, presented by ClimatexChange. Learn more about the event and register.

February 14th | 10:30am - 12pm

2024 Legislative Session National, State, and Local Bill Introductions presented by National Stewardship Action Council. Sign up for the Zoom webinar

February 17th | 9am - 12pm

Habitat Restoration at Phoenix Lake: Broom Removal, hosted by Marin Water. Volunteer to remove invasive French broom and improve habitat. Get event details and register

February 21st | 10am - 12pm

Is Marin Ready for No-Gas Buildings?, learn more about Marin's Electrification Plan presented by Marin Conservation League. Register for either in person or online

February 21st | 5pm - 6pm

New EV Driver Workshop, a deep dive on charging, help you plan an EV road trip, and review incentives hosted by Ride and Drive Clean. Sign up for the online event

February 22nd | 9am - 12pm

Habitat Restoration at Phoenix Lake: Broom Removal, hosted by Marin Water. Volunteer to remove invasive French broom and improve habitat. Get event details and register

February 28th | 6:30pm - 7:30pm

Navigating SB 1383 and the Reusable Foodware Ordinance, in person program at Mill Valley Library with the Climate Action Coordinator. Learn more and register

Climate Action Plans (CAPs)

City of Mill Valley's and Town of Tiburon's goals for reducing green house gas emissions

City of Mill Valley Climate Action Plan

Town of Tiburon Climate Action Plan

Links to Sustainability Organizations

Zero Waste Marin

Ride and Drive Clean

Marin Conservation League

Resilient Neighborhoods

Sustainable Marin

Climate Action (Sustainability) Coordinator Contact Information

Grace Ledwith

[email protected] | [email protected]